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To: Graebel Companies

I wanted to write and thank you for your and your company's wonderful performance during our move back to the United States from England.   It's great to be back in Colorado!  We flew to Boston, and then drove across the country with our car and dog, counting the Graebel Van Lines trucks as we went.

Lupe Wells, in Colorado, did a great job making sure that everything went smoothly, on our packing and shipping.  The entire process, both house and office packing was completed smoothly and professionally.   Again, many thanks.

Keith A. Laskowski

Over the last six months, I have been working with a representative from your company on all the details of my move from the Republic of Korea.   Her name is Hilary Lewis.

This was not an easy move, as it meant working with a third party logistics company in Korea.   I was also unsure if I would be placed in Brazil, or repatriating to the United States.

Hiliary worked through the details of storing my goods in Korea until my company could make a final determination on the destination.   Once the goods had gone into storage, the shipping regulations changed in the U.S.(due to Homeland Security), which necessitated removal of some products prior to shipment.

The logistics company also "missed" packing a drawer of kitchen cutlery…this had to be re-attached to the original shipment…again, Hiliary followed up on my behalf, making certain all the details were attended to.

When a typhoon was building in the Pacific, I contacted Hiliary to see if I needed to be concerned. She did some research and got right back with me to let me know my goods had arrived safely in L.A.  This was a huge relief, as you can imagine.

Again, she showed excellent customer service in getting the delivery dates arranged, keeping me updated on where the goods were, and then checking in with me a couple times on the actual delivery day.

Hiliary has been delightful to work with, and represents your company well.   I can't imagine having made this move without her.  Thank you for the safe journey for my belongings.

Warm regards,
Kay Jones