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In-Home Inspection
Customer Service
Protecting Your Home
Thorough Packing
Your Driver
Nationwide Storage
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Your Move at a Glance

You are about to embark on a journey to your new home. This section outlines each part of the move process so you will know exactly what to expect from your Graebel team. Keep in mind this is not an all-inclusive explanation of the process. Your Customer Service Coordinator will provide more detailed information as your move progresses. 

The In-home Inspection

Once your move is booked, your Customer Service Coordinator will call you to conduct a premove consultation via phone. This comprehensive procedure takes approximately 30 minutes. Once this is complete, an in-home inspection will be scheduled at your convenience. The Graebel surveyor will take an inventory of your belongings, identify any special needs and determine the amount of new materials as well as equipment needed to successfully complete your move. Be sure to show the surveyor all areas of your home including the basement, attic, garage, shed, (and any off-site locations where you may be storing goods) to ensure nothing is overlooked. Inform your surveyor of any special packing/wrapping requirements you may have at this time, i.e. antique furniture, and whether you intend to purchase any additional items which will require transportation, so there are no surprises on move day.

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Customer Service
The Communication Process

Graebel understands moving is an extremely stressful event that demands personal attention. That's why you will have a single point of contact throughout your entire move. Highly skilled and knowledgeable about your company's relocation policy, your Customer Service Coordinator will remain in constant communication with you, providing counseling, answering questions, scheduling dates and making sure your move progresses as planned. Of course, you are always welcome to call us.

For around the clock assistance, you will have access to a 24.7.365 toll-free HOTLINE, manned by trained Graebel professionals. For an after hours emergency situation, your HOTLINE call will be immediately addressed. Your coordinator will issue your HOTLINE card prior to your move.

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Protecting Your Home

One can never be too careful when it comes to moving. That's why, before the first item is packed, your Graebel team takes steps to ensure your home is properly prepared before any activity takes place.

Everything from floors, to wall corners to banisters are well-protected to ensure your home is left in the same condition it was prior to the move.

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Thorough Packing

Proper packing is one of the most important elements of a successful move. Graebel has mastered every detail and on every move attention is paid to every detail with:
  • Trained, certified packers
  • New materials always used
  • Individual wrapping, cell pack
  • Custom crate option
  • Solid box crating option
  • Custom wrapping options
Once in-home protection materials are in place, your trained, certified Graebel packing team establishes a safe working area to carefully pack household items using all-new materials and proven methods. For instance, crystal is individually wrapped, then packed for extra protection within the carton in individual cells.

During the loading process, special padded blankets wrap furniture to guard against scratches or nicks. When necessary, Graebel will shrink wrap furniture for added in-transit protection.

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Custom Wrapping

Graebel offers fine-finish and upholstery wrapping options to protect your delicate or antique furniture. Casegoods are covered in microfoam wrap and single-face corrugate material. Delicate and light-colored upholstery is carefully wrapped in paper pads to protect against soiling and imprinting. Ask your Coordinator for details on this special service.

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Custom Crating

In addition to special wrapping techniques, Graebel can also provide custom crating for especially fragile, large items, such as artwork, sculptures, fine marble and glass table tops, beveled glass, chandeliers and aquariums. Crates are custom made to the correct size and tolerance. Again, this is an optional service, so check with your Coordinator for details.

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Your Driver
A True Professional

An experienced household goods driver is key to a successful move, so Graebel maintains the highest driver standards. In addition to meeting strict selection criteria, drivers are continuously scrutinized through random inspections, safety audits and customer feedback. The notable result has been the receipt of numerous safety awards and an outstanding performance record (99% of all moves were picked up and delivered on time for the past 14 consecutive years).

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Nationwide Modern Storage

New home not ready yet? No problem. Graebel has company-owned storage facilities in every major market from Los Angeles to Miami to Boston, and every major city in between.

Graebel service centers feature:

  • 8 years or less built-to-suit construction
  • 5-million plus ft2 of secure storage
  • Uniform standards and operations
  • State-of-the-art equipment

…and to ensure the safety of your property:

  • Fully containerized storage
  • Remotely monitored security systems
  • State-of-the-art fire alarm, protection systems
  • Climate-temperature-controlled areas in facilities where geography dictates

Your goods can be stored as long as necessary (cost depends on your company's policy). At least two weeks before you want your items delivered, call your Coordinator to schedule a date and time. Upon delivery, be prepared to check off all items on your storage inventory while your crew re-assembles anything that was taken apart for packing. A Graebel supervisor will conduct a walk-through with you before leaving to ensure total satisfaction.

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The Loading Process

One of the most important elements of your move is the inventory process. At time of loading, your driver will prepare a detailed inventory of all the items you are shipping, noting the existing condition of each item as it is loaded on the truck. Please review the sample inventory sheet to familiarize yourself with the abbreviations and descriptions used.

YOU MUST PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCESS to ensure conditions are noted properly and any special concerns are addressed. Before leaving your home, the driver will ask you to sign the inventory sheet, as verification that the items listed were loaded in the condition noted. You will receive a copy of this form, and should KEEP IT WITH YOU because you will need it on delivery day.

If you require storage, items will be tagged and a separate inventory prepared.

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Delivery to Your New Home

Upon delivery, you will be required to verify receipt of all items against the inventory sheets you received at origin. It is your responsibility to ensure that all your belongings are delivered. Any exception or damage must be noted in the exceptions column on the inventory form for claim purposes. Should you need to file a claim, notations made on this form are critical for settlement. If Graebel unpacks, make sure you are present to inspect items as they are removed.

AFTER UNLOADING AND INSPECTION, YOU MUST SIGN THE INVENTORY FORM AGAIN. If you feel you need more time to inspect your goods, simply sign: "My signature pending further inspection." This statement does not apply to any missing item listed on the inventory sheet.

Before departing, your Graebel supervisor will perform a final inspection to ensure all goods were unloaded and/or unpacked to your complete satisfaction.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We wish you many happy memories in your new home.

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