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From the Graebel Newsroom.

Graebel First With Uniform Office Moves Coast to Coast

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Denver - June 20, 2007

(Denver, CO)  Graebel, a Denver-based moving company with 40 service centers throughout the U.S. , is the first to offer uniform office moves coast to coast.  For companies with offices in major markets, it means the unheard-of prospects of consistent local office moving services under a single, national contract. 

The announcement comes after six months of training and the purchase of additional equiopment.  The company plans to parlay the investment into a bigger slice of its already dominant national account, Fortune 500 business. 

“Customers look for a single supplier to streamline the process of getting a consistent product and service.  Up until now, no one in the moving industry could deliver that on office moves nationwide,” said Chief Operating Officer, William H. Graebel, the second generation to head up the 56-year-old business.  The son of the company’s founder credits training. 

“Confidently delivering consistent service from one market to the next depends on everyone having the same understanding of service training and the same tools.”

The company turned to the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI) to train every key employee of every office nationwide. 

Ed Katz is behind it all.  The 62-year-old head of IOMI and enthusiastic visionary who started on the back of a moving van, is changing the way businesses relocate.  While running Peacree Movers in Georgia, he developed a formula to accurately estimate the cost of moving an office. 

“Because household moves and office moves are as different as night and day, I was driven by complaints,” said Katz, who runs his mover training school from his home in Cartersville, GA.  He limited his former company’s business to office moves only and then studied what cuased them to be nightmarish experiences. 

Along with his estimating formula, he developed highly specialized devises including a ‘boxless’ move and holds several patents.  Today, he teaches moving companies how to increase this niche business by calculating man-hours instead of weight, the age-old method used by household movers.

Graebel is the first with a national presence to adopt Katz’ tools and techniques at all locations.  As much as anything, Graebel was attracted to Katz’ green-conscious devices that minimize the risk of damage to furniture, computers, and office buildings without negatively affecting the environment. 

“Businesses look for vendors that can demonstrate environmentally-friendly services.  Hiring an office mover is no different.  Green gets their attention,” said Chris Kline, the Graebel Senior Vice President of Business Development. 

About Graebel

Graebel is a global relocation company that provides full relocation management services, domestic U.S. and international moving and storage services, international freight forwarding, move management and commercial workplace services. Integrated relocation divisions include Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide, Inc., Graebel Movers International, Inc., Graebel Commercial Services, Inc., Graebel Van Lines, Inc., Graebel Movers, Inc. and, Move Management, Inc. The Graebel Companies, Inc. World Headquarters is based in Denver, Colorado.