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From the Graebel Newsroom.


Talent Management Solutions Aid Effort to Reduce Paper Within Relocation Company’s HR Department

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March 10, 2009


Winston-Salem, N.C.  – SilkRoad technology, inc., the leading provider of talent management solutions, announced today that Graebel Companies, Inc. has selected both RedCarpet™, SilkRoad’s onboarding and life events management solution, and WingSpan, SilkRoad’s employee performance management solution to enhance their employee development and retention strategy. In addition to providing a smooth onboarding process for new employees, and ensuring employees’ performance and contributions are tracked throughout their tenure with the company, Grabel is pleased that their purchase of the talent management solutions further their efforts to “go green.”


Graebel Companies, Inc., a privately-owned and operated full-service relocation, moving & storage, and commercial workplace services organization is continually looking for ways to expand their green solutions and grow as an employer of choice.  Graebel has found a way to do their selection and implementation of SilkRoad Technology’s RedCarpet and WingSpan talent management solutions.


“We are excited to have found two solutions that will help us realize the full potential of our talent management strategy. By offering our new team members a ‘RedCarpet’ welcome, as well as recognizing and tracking current team members’ achievements, we are furthering our mission to grow as an employer of choice,” said Mary Stoik-Dymond, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Graebel Companies, Inc. “What made SilkRoad’s solutions even more attractive to us was their ability to promote and advance our efforts of ‘going green.’ We have been making an ongoing effort over the past several years to employ new green methodologies whenever possible, and SilkRoad’s solutions fit right in.”


It is estimated that between 35 and 41 percent of solid waste in the US is paper. In an office, that estimate can jump up to as much as 80 percent or more. A small to medium size business that hires 100 new hires a year, may give new employees, on average, 80 sheets of paper. This paper may typically include tax forms, benefits information, employee handbook, etc. Over one year, this translates to one and a half cases of paper for new hire forms alone! With solutions such as RedCarpet and WingSpan, companies are able to drastically cut the amount of both new hire paperwork, and hard copies of documents in personnel files.


“SilkRoad is always pleased to see companies making an effort to reduce paper consumption in the office. When we have a new customer tell us our solutions are helping them to ‘go green,’ we, of course, have a sense of satisfaction that we are not only improving their talent management, but also contributing on a larger scale,” said Brian Platz, COO, SilkRoad technology.


SilkRoad’s RedCarpet, the number one employee onboarding and life events solution on the market, goes beyond just onboarding to handle any employee life cycle event.  In addition to onboarding, these transitions can include offboarding, crossboarding, promotion, transfers, mergers and acquisitions, medical leaves and any other life event an employee may experience. Content that a company wishes to deliver to an employee during such a transition is provided through a completely customizable portal. This information can include welcome messages, a wide range of useful information including schedules, training and contact information, electronic forms capabilities and easy access to all supporting materials applicable to their particular employee transition.


WingSpan is a flexible employee performance management solution with a unique blend of functions that enable companies to maximize and develop employee talent. WingSpan is a full featured and fully integrated solution with multi-rater assessments, competency and skills management, development planning, goal setting and performance planning, performance and appraisal reviews, and career development with succession planning. 


The knowledge built into the WingSpan performance and competency management software is based upon two decades of research and validation in the field. WingSpan leverages more than 15 years of experience in creating talent management solutions and more than 20 years of experience in creating success criteria for organizations. 


About Graebel Companies, Inc.

Graebel is a global relocation company that provides  full relocation management services, domestic U.S. and international moving  and storage services, international freight forwarding, move management and  commercial workplace services. Integrated relocation divisions include Graebel  Relocation Services Worldwide, Inc., Graebel Movers International, Inc.,  Graebel Commercial Services, Inc., Graebel Van Lines, Inc., Graebel Movers,  Inc., and Move Management, Inc. The Graebel Companies, Inc. World Headquarters  is located in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1950, Graebel is a privately owned,  wholly owned relocation company with proprietary technology, processes, and  employs an extensively background-checked and trained employee workforce. For more information, please visit


About SilkRoad technology, inc.

SilkRoad technology, inc. provides software as a service (SAAS) solutions that significantly improve the talent within its more than 1000 customers across the globe. Through SilkRoad’s Life Suite™, an integrated talent management solution, companies are able to hire better employees, identify high and low performers, drive a pay-for-performance culture and improve employee tenure. The SilkRoad Life Suite solution set includes OpenHire, for recruiting management, RedCarpet™ for employee onboarding and life events, WingSpan™ for flexible employee performance management, GreenLight™ for compensation management, and Eprise™ for employee intranets and content management.


SilkRoad technology is headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC with offices in Bedford, MA; Chicago, IL; West Long Branch, NJ; Jacksonville, FL; Edmonton, Alberta; Singapore; Sydney, Australia; and Hamburg, Germany. More information is available on the Web at or by phone:  U.S. toll free at 866-329-3363 or internationally at +1-336-201-5100.

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