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Ready for the payoff? Ours comes in dollars and cents.


Many talk about value. But few can define their value to clients with actual figures. Below are just a few ways the expertise of Graebel has earned  real savings for our clients.

First, suppliers' invoices are never marked up or come with hidden fees.  Their costs are direct pass through rates to our clients!   

For example, on average we eliminate other third parties’ $300-$1,200 household goods management fee markups, because we own and operate our van line and moving services. For one client with an annual 100 U.S. interstate moves, this led to almost $70,000 in savings the first year!

A recent independent study by Runzheimer International, a leading research firm, shows that 25% of National Account transferred employees lost money when selling their homes.  And, the industry's overall average list to offer time has been almost six months.  

On the other hand, our time-tested home sale programs are proving positive results for clients! 

Graebel clients' home sales averaged 97.9% of predicted sale price.  92% of homes sold during the initial marketing period -- 58 days from listing to contract.  And, our clients have experienced stress-free closings with an average 31 days from contract to close.

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