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Certification Follows Extensive Background Review, Adoption and Implementation of Graebel Anti-Bribery Written Policy

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June 18, 2008

(Aurora, CO)  Graebel Movers International, Inc. announced that TRACE certified its membership after an exhaustive membership review process.  TRACE, a non-profit membership association, was founded by private-sector anti-bribery practitioners to achieve economies of scale and set a common standard for two shared elements of anti-bribery compliance: due diligence reviews and anti-bribery training for business intermediaries.   As a TRACE member Graebel commits to a high level of transparency in its commercial, multinational businesses.  In the relocation industry, this full-disclosure or transparency includes pricing for services afforded by all Graebel divisions and services and this transparency is unique in the relocation industry.


Bribery scandals and a proliferation of anti-bribery laws have caused multinational companies to be more sensitive to the commercial ethics of their intermediaries. Since 1998, more than thirty new anti-bribery laws have been enacted to implement the OECD Convention to Combat Bribery. The new laws typically state that a business will be liable for the corrupt acts and/or the improper payments made by an intermediary if management knew or should have known that a particular intermediary was likely to make an inappropriate payment. Thus, companies are required to conduct sufficient due diligence on prospective intermediaries to ensure that they are committed to ethical business practices regardless of business pressure, local law or custom. Anti-bribery laws, however, are deliberately vague on the issue of sufficient due diligence.


Graebel sought out TRACE to ensure that its employees and intermediaries understand what is and is not permissible under national anti-bribery laws and international conventions through a range of services:  Initial due diligence reports of intermediaries for companies contemplating a relationship (and annual updates thereafter) and training for employees and intermediaries in locations around the world.  No organization can guarantee its members ethics; however, TRACE membership ensures that the right questions have been asked, that a single rigorous standard has been applied and that a company's own high standards have been communicated throughout its service chain.


In addition to Graebel's strictly followed standards for engagement with foreign-based relocation service providers, TRACE intermediary due diligence reports will be employed and will cover:  Detailed company information; business and technical qualifications; curricula vitae of ownership, management and key employees; description of any government relationships; financial information including bankruptcy and litigation inquiries; at least three business references and more.  As a member, Graebel will also receive and make available to clients, as requested, TRACE Country Bulletins, Gifts and Hospitality Guidelines.  These summaries of local legal issues identify local restrictions, if any, on the value of gifts and meals that can be provided to local government officials, and questions and issues that should be raised with local counsel before working with commercial intermediaries overseas. 

According to Graebel International Managing Director, Jim Petzel, “TRACE maintains extensive due diligence files on its member intermediaries and provides these files to members. By maintaining one file designed to meet the anti-bribery compliance requirements of multinational companies, TRACE saves its members valuable time and untold expense of having to respond to due diligence requests from each principal. TRACE provides a practical and cost effective solution to the burden of anti-bribery compliance. “

The TRACE due diligence review process is based on best practices benchmarking surveys of numerous international corporations, guidelines from the U.S. Department of Justice and case law. TRACE member intermediaries are essentially pre-vetted commercial partners for multinational companies.   TRACE memberships are reviewed annually.

“TRACE membership ensures that the right questions have been asked, that a single rigorous standard has been applied and that a company’s own high standards have been communicated throughout its marketing chain”, stated Petzel.  “Indirect bribery – by or through commercial intermediaries – can put the reputation and the value of the entire company at risk.   Our clients are respected, globally active Fortune 100 firms and our clients expect and deserve highest quality, dependable relocation services.”


TRACE is a non-profit membership association that specializes in anti-bribery due diligence reviews and compliance training for international commercial intermediaries (sales agents and representatives, consultants, distributors, suppliers, etc.). TRACE member intermediaries are "pre-vetted" partners for multinational companies seeking to do business with entities that share their commitment to transparent business practices. 

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