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From the very beginning, Graebel has recognized its most valuable source of growth: you, our customer. That’s why we approach every relocation with the companywide motto of “What do you need . . . how can we help?” And nowhere is that more evident than in the form of our WorldWatch Senior Relocation Consultants. Averaging 12 years of relocation experience and most holding real estate licenses and Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) certification, these valuable professionals act as your employees’ knowledgeable, personal assistant from day one to final invoice. A WorldWatch Consultant makes life easier for you, the corporate client, and your relocating employees by seamlessly managing multiple suppliers and acting as a single point of contact. Always in constant communication, our people pride themselves on providing timely and accurate information, planning effectively and resolving issues proactively.

Teamed with a relocation assistant, our WorldWatch Consultants handle smaller active caseloads — 25% less than the industry’s norm. With this reduced caseload, your dedicated relocation team has more time to scrutinize policy compliance, closely manage suppliers and provide more personalized service such as round-the-clock accessibility. That’s right, we’ve even made sure your call is never routed to voicemail or a nameless representative in a call center. Your WorldWatch Consultant or his/her assistant takes your call, and provides answers or resolves issues 24.7.365.

What’s more, Graebel works proactively to ensure this service is offered round-the-clock and is uncompromising in its standards. In addition to performing post-move surveys on a monthly, random basis, our management personally calls open case files to make certain your transferred employees are satisfied with our service, our Consultants and suppliers. It’s just one more way Graebel’s service goes above and beyond.