Graebel Announces

the right move

Bill Graebel announces a bold, globally expansive vision, in conjunction with the divestiture of Graebel Van Lines and Graebel Movers.

Today, I am pleased to share with you that our family has entered into an agreement with Robert and Vasilia Peterson regarding their acquisition of Graebel Van Lines, Inc. and Graebel Movers, Inc. It is anticipated that this transaction will be completed by year-end, at which time the Petersons will independently own and operate Graebel U.S. domestic moving and storage services separately from their other holdings.
As we complete this transaction, we are poised to continue the implementation of our global strategy. We strongly believe that indeed this is. . . The Right Move for Everyone!
For seven decades, the Graebel Companies has strategically equipped itself to be “Right for Today and Ready for Tomorrow.” As we project our brand further into the 21st Century, we believe that this strategic transformation will enable our Company, the Graebel brand and our workforce to be uniquely positioned for unprecedented levels of growth, while also providing for evermore progressive career paths across each service line, for years to come.
Change is a constant in the increasingly global and technologically-centric 21st Century. We are confident that this phenomenon is producing new opportunities for Graebel. Ultimately, we see an ability to fortify and expand our industry leadership across continents, while raising the bar of accountability and the experiences for our customers in every corner of the world. That said this new environment requires increasing levels of agility and a heightened degree of specialization in our service lines.
We are confident that the Peterson family will be outstanding stewards of the Graebel Van Lines brand and they will add tremendous value. Together, we will conspicuously cultivate a very synergistic partnership, as Graebel Van Lines transforms to be an ever more strategically positioned moving services network in the U.S. marketplace. The Petersons are committed to maximizing all of the virtues of our vertically integrated carrier and nationwide branch footprint, while also accelerating the trajectory of Graebel Van Lines in becoming the Carrier of Choice and Employer of Choice in the U.S. for decades to come.
Simultaneously, our family will focus on building the Graebel brand’s global capabilities and footprint on six continents to cater to employee and commercial relocation, move management and workplace service needs in real-time. Clearly, this is a bold move for each family. We share a highly complementary and entrepreneurial vision that, without question, will stimulate further innovation and create new benchmarks of service and value for all stakeholders and customers.
In recent closed door meetings that have included a number of our overseas partners, in every conversation our organization has been applauded for the vision, courage and appetite to accelerate the trajectory and reach of the Graebel brand. Clearly, there is a window of opportunity in the global marketplace that provides Graebel with a unique opportunity to make a genuine difference in the lives of everyone that our brand touches. We will accomplish this by effectively uniting the world’s finest family-owned and operated service providers at the first and final mile, on 6 continents and in a 165 countries throughout the world!
Again, I am confident this strategic transformation will be The Right Move for Every One! As well, we look forward to working with each of our stakeholders to produce entirely new dimensions of value, excellence and accountability in our industry for decades to come!




William H. Graebel, SGMS
CEO and President