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U.S. Relocation


23 July 2015 Special Report: Graebel Reports on Skyrocketing U.S. Rental Prices


02 April 2015 Special Report: Graebel Reports on GFE, HUD–1 Changes


19 March 2015 ReloTRENDS: Top Ten Affordable U.S. Cities Examined by Graebel


20 February 2015 Special Report: West Coast Ports – Update


05 November 2014 Special Report: FICO® 9 Credit Scores


29 October 2014 ReloTRENDS: Rental Prices or Home Purchases: Which Do Millennials Prefer?


07 October 2014 ReloTRENDS: Closing Costs Hit Homebuyers Hard


12 August 2014 ReloTRENDS: U.S. Economic Recovery Flagged By Region in Graebel ReloTRENDS


01 August 2014 Special Report: Graebel Special Report Reveals Emerging Real Estate Markets 


13 May 2014 Special Report: Special Report Covers U.S. Rental Housing From Graebel


19 March 2014 Special Report: Graebel Special Report Identifies Trends In U.S. Real Estate for 2014 


14 January 2014 ReloTRENDS: Graebel Examines Residential And Commercial Construction Trends in U.S


03 December 2013 Special Report: Read about Tighter Mortgage Standards Around the Corner in this Special Report from Graebel


14 November 2013 ReloTRENDS: Home Renovations Sellers May Want to Avoid Reported by Graebel ReloTRENDS


09 October 2013 Special Report: Short-Term Rentals In U.S. and Rental Restrictions Examined In Graebel Special Report


18 September 2013 Special Report: Graebel Reports On Rising Home Closing Costs In U.S.


19 August 2013 White Paper: Graebel Investigates – Is U.S. Housing is Headed for Another Bubble?


18 July 2013 ReloTRENDS: Jumbo Home Loans on the Rise with Some New Twists According to Graebel ReloTRENDS


25 June 2013 Special Report: Graebel Special Report Covers Ebbing Tide of Mortgage Refinancing


18 June 2013 Special Report: Defaults for Modified Mortgages are at Alarmingly High Rate Revealed in Graebel Special Report


23 May 2013 ReloTRENDS: Two Credit Reporting Firms Track Renters Payment Histories Covered In Graebel ReloTRENDS


07 May 2013 Special Report: U.S. Housing Market Continues to Heat Up According to Graebel Special Report


27 March 2013 Special Report: Graebel Special Report on Apartment Vacancies and Costs in U.S.


06 March 2013 Special Report: Graebel Special Report Probes How New Legislation Will Affect Drivers in Moving Industry


27 February 2013 Special Report: National Mortgage Database Coming According to Graebel Special Report

21 February 2013 ReloTRENDS: Trends in 15 Year Mortgages and Homeownership From Graebel ReloTRENDS


13 February 2013 Special Report: Appraisal Rules for Home Buyers in Graebel Special Report

15 January 2013 Case Study: Knowledge Universe U.S. Gives Graebel Top Grade For Service


07 January 2013 Special Report: Graebel Special Report Explains Real Estate Surtax


17 December 2012 Special Report: Graebel Special Report Covers Foreclosure Forecast For 2013


05 November 2012 Special Report: Regional Housing Recovery Focus of Graebel Special Report


15 October 2012 Special Report: Why are Home Buyers Cancelling Contracts Examined In Graebel Special Report


11 September 2012 Special Report: Graebel Special Report State of Commercial Office Space

21 July 2012 Special Report: Graebel Special Report On Bank Appraisals


12 July 2012 ReloTRENDS: Remodeling Projects May Curb Home Sales Finds Graebel ReloTRENDS


03 May 2012 ReloTRENDS: Renter Default Coverage Examined by Graebel ReloTRENDS


05 April 2012 ReloTRENDS: Graebel ReloTRENDS Provides Cost Saving Tips for Travelers as Fuel Costs Rise


28 March 2012 White Paper: State of the U.S. Housing Market Graebel ReloTRENDS Report


15 March 2012 ReloTRENDS: Lower Rental Vacancies Mean Rising Rates; Find Out Why From Graebel ReloTRENDS

22 February 2012 Case Study: Graebel Exceeds Fortune 500 Company Goals When Client Moves 200 Families To 5 States Following Office Closure

22 February 2012 Case Study: Graebel Tapped To Move 500 Families From Canada And Florida To North Carolina For Fortune 50 Client


12 January 2012 ReloTRENDS: U.S. Housing Market Shows Signs of Improvement According to Graebel ReloTRENDS

14 November 2011 ReloTRENDS: Proposed Visa Reform Legislation May Boost US Economy Reports Graebel ReloTRENDS

24 October 2011 Case Study: Global 100 Leader Beams Graebel For Single Source Employee And Office Relocation Solutions

13 October 2011 ReloTRENDS: Despite Record Low Mortgage Rates Homebuyers Face Uphill Challenges According to Graebel ReloTRENDS

30 June 2011 ReloTRENDS: U.S. Report in June States Taxpayer ID Theft Up 400 Percent According To Graebel ReloTRENDS

16 June 2011 ReloTRENDS: Update On Georgia Immigration Effective July 1st From Graebel ReloTRENDS

11 May 2011 Case Study: Graebel Helps Client Eliminate Receipt-Driven Process With Lump Sum Solution


12 March 2011 ReloTRENDS: Update on Pending Mortgage Reform from Graebel ReloTRENDS

21 February 2011 ReloTRENDS: Graebel ReloTRENDS Explores Home Values in 2011