Zero Defect Audit Service

Our Zero Defect Audit process has historically identified billing errors equal to one percent to two percent of invoiced charges. At an average error rate of 1.5 percent of invoiced charges, we would anticipate capturing approximately $70,000 annually in audit savings.

Following each move, we will submit accurate invoices in a timely manner. A billing specialist will work closely with your dedicated move counselor to ensure that all invoices match up with authorized services and policy.

Because our audit process is extremely thorough, time and financial resources spent on an outside auditor are redundant. Before any invoice reaches your office, at minimum, the following takes place:

  • Supplier prepares pre-invoice authorization form and submits for approval
  • Graebel Move Management reviews pre-invoice authorization form and verifies that all services were authorized during the move process
  • Supplier prepares invoice and supporting documentation and submits to Graebel
  • We audit for accuracy: billed rates, supporting documentation, storage dates, charges and services in comparison to the pre-move estimate and bill of lading details
  • Invoices containing incorrect rates or unauthorized services are returned to the supplier for correction
  • You receive triple checked, triple audited moving and storage invoices on every move


Our zero defect audit process in integrated into our full-service move management process and is provided at no additional cost.