Program Management

woman.hispanic.86498380Graebel’s Move Management Team administers the highest quality worldwide moving and storage services with 100 percent accountability for performance. Our account management philosophy is to become an extension of your relocation team. Your account manager will address any concerns, be in constant communication, provide timely reporting and is responsible for keeping you up-to-date on industry trends, best practices, and cost saving initiatives.

Fully Integrated Moving Management– Our service delivery model eliminates costly redundancies and eliminates costly mark-ups for van line operations, warehousing, agent services, and forwarding. This model provides significant cost savings to your company.

In-Region Centralized Customer Service Teams – Regional knowledge and expertise coupled with our customer service policies and procedures equals a more consistent global moving experience for all clients. Your employees will always receive 24/7 support from any time, any place.

Each transferring employee is assigned to a Move Counselor, who will be their primary contact for the household goods shipment process. The Move Counselor will be intimately familiar with the requirements for each employee and will expertly guide them through the physical move process.

Within 24 hours of receipt of a new move initiation, The Move Counselor will make an appointment with your transferring employee and at his/her convenience to review the following:

  • Conduct needs analysis
  • Review policy details
  • Services and allowances offered
  • The relocation process and roles and responsibilities
  • What to expect and when
  • Unique concerns and needs of the employee and family

As each move progresses, the Move Counselor is in contact with the employee, monitoring the performance of the service providers and ensuring each move is executed within the parameters of your relocation policy.

VIP and Executive Move Management Program– Managing the relocation of an executive’s household goods requires a special touch. Move Management offers an unmatched solution that caters to the unique needs of the high-profile employee and their family.

Download: High Profile Move Solution.

Single Point of Leadership and Control – Our team of industry veterans are empowered and held accountable for creating long-term customer solutions. This culture gives us the ability to be more agile and more creative in our business practices. We are convinced that you will see this nimbleness in our ability to provide great service at a low cost.

Outside Verification of Quality – We require our team to obtain external verification of our processes and quality management through every possible standard. You can rest assured we are fully compliant with all regulations and are fully transparent in our processes.

Managing Across Borders – Import rules and regulations change frequently. Old or bad information can lead to delays, loss of goods, added costs and frustration. The advice and recommendations that we provide your assignees is updated daily by country to ensure that delays, added cost and overall delivery expectations are managed right the first time.

Claims Assistance – With Move Management, your transferring employees will receive the peace of mind that all claim guidance and support will be taken care. During the initial household goods consultation call with the employee, information and guidance is provided in the event of loss and/or damage to their goods. Information provided includes inventory process guidance and responsibilities at both origin and destination, as well as coverage limits, exclusions, and important timelines for notification and filing of claims with the appropriate party.

Move Management will provide full advocacy and support to the employee. Our customer service team will review the claim resolution offer, along with supporting documentation, and step in on behalf of the employee in order to bring the issue to a satisfactory conclusion.

Every move is unique. With over seven decades of move management experience, and a global network in six continents, we have handled millions of moves and learned something from each one. That experience and know-how is passed onto every new move we do. Ensuring costs savings are identified wherever possible, while still maintaining quality and meeting deadlines is where Graebel’s experience helps put your program, and your assignees personal belongings, in good hands….globally.