Graebel move management clients’ benefit from our proprietary Web-based technology, which features accurate, real-time, tracking and reporting on supplier performance

The Graebel client portal enables our clients to initiate moves, as well as run reports in real time. Clients are able to view specific details such as shipment weights, dates and other pertinent shipment information right at their fingertips. Our technology platform is fully integrated with accounting information, invoicing, moving services details, and shipment tracking. Information pertinent to you will be readily available anywhere in the world, any time of day.

Graebel offers your employees anytime, anywhere web access through our employee portal. This portal provides transferees 24/7 password protected access to their specific move details such as shipment dates and consultant contact information. Your employee will always have access to their move management details through the touch of a button.
Mobile Applications
You and your employees will be empowered to stay connected throughout the move management process with proprietary Graebel mobile applications. The following can be accessed through the Graebel app:

  • Contact information for team members working with the employee
  • Timeline of scheduled events (e.g. survey, pack, load and delivery)
  • Location of storage when applicable
  • Worldwide shipments, including land, air, ocean, storage

Technology is constantly evolving and Graebel works diligently to provide our clients and their employees the most up-to-date technology services in the industry.



Data and Analytics
With online access to data and metrics, your organization will have the business intelligence to make sound decisions. Clients can download data to spreadsheets for analysis, print or e-mail protected documents, giving you an unlimited number of custom-made reports specific to your individual requirements.
All documentation is online which enables clients to run standard or ad hoc reports at your convenience.
Our standard 24/7 real-time reports include:

  • Cost summary of specific and all activities
  • Invoice, payable status
  • Move distribution
  • Issues and resolutions
  • Storage location, details
  • Performance evaluations

Graebel works for you and our flexibility allows us to meet all your reporting needs.