Supplier Management

Graebel maintains a robust supplier network that provides coverage in over 165 countries, ensuring that every supplier not only is the best at what they do in their respective industry but also has a proven track record in delighting the customer.

We recognize that our suppliers play a critical role in delivering a successful relocation experience and are held to standards that exceed the industry average. We monitor their performance frequently to make sure that they are exceeding the expectations of our clients.

By partnering with best-in-class service providers, the Graebel Move Management division maintains a high quality, high-capacity network able to meet the geographical and peak season demands of our diverse client base anywhere in the world.

The Graebel Alliance NetworkSM
Our network consists of the best movers in every market to ensure quality service delivery for your employees and features an extensive system of pre-qualified, best-in-class moving and storage companies, auto transport companies, and pet relocation providers from the best in class family owned companies in the industry. All suppliers once selected are tracked for best in class pricing, quality measurement and safety compliance.
Contract Management
With the regulatory changes experienced in the industry over the past several years, and particularly those relating to rates and tariffs, the complexity of rate and service provisions across a worldwide supplier network can make contract administration within a program seem daunting. Managing multiple service contracts with varying terms, rates, discounts and Service Level Agreements becomes more challenging, and trying to get apples-to-apples comparisons on price and service offerings can be difficult, at best.

That is where we step in to streamline the contracting process! We maintain current Transportation Service Agreements with our supplier network. This enables you to manage one contract (with Graebel Move Management) while we manage the contractual requirements for each of the providers in our network. This process results in consistent, comparable and competitive pricing and service terms for every move, regardless of who the provider is.
In a world with the increasing concerns of privacy and government regulation in areas such as bribery, fraud and security, you want to know that the data of your organization and your employee will not be compromised, and that the processes used in delivering services will protect you and your employees from any potential harm.

By thoroughly vetting each provider, providing ongoing education and monitoring compliance to the highest standards, we take the steps necessary to protect you and your organization from these threats.

We abide by all sanctions established by the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and our partners are selected based on their membership in FIDI with FAIM standards certification by Ernst & Young, as well as other international industry associations. Every quality and compliance aspect of our partners is cross-referenced for good standing membership.

Through the Graebel move management experience, we have earned numerous licenses and certifications for our household goods supplier management. These give our clients the benefit of Graebel quality proven through external review of our standards and processes. See more here for the industry certifications and licensures Graebel has obtained through the last few years.
Performance Management
When defining performance in the moving industry, we take a multi-level approach. Every relocation has stakeholders that have shared interests in some of the core deliverables. These stakeholders are primarily the relocating employee and the organization they belong to. Through the use of surveys and industry metrics, Graebel constantly measures, monitors, audits, and benchmarks the performance of our service delivery and those of our partners worldwide.

Graebel has received numerous awards and recognition for our performance management. The following are a sampling of industry recognitions Graebel has been awarded recently.

  • First Place, Relocation Management Company of the Year achieved by Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide, Inc., Americas
  • Highly Commended Relocation Management Company of the Year, Granted to Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide, Inc., EMEA
  • Highly Commended International Moving Company of the Year, awarded to Graebel Movers International, Inc. Americas
  • Silver Stevie® Award for customer service department of the year in the business services category: Move Management, Inc.
  • Bronze Stevie® Award for company of the year in diversified service industries category: Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide, Inc.

GraebelOneSM Pricing
GraebelOne is a revolutionary new pricing program for household goods shipments, offered exclusively to Graebel customers. This innovative program provides documented savings, precise budgeting, and simplified administration designed to save many hours of your relocation and accounting staffs’ time.

As Graebel works with an open network of qualified providers, we reap the benefit of negotiated rates that are passed directly to our clients with no mark-up, along with the freedom to work with any provider that meets our rigorous quality standards.

The highlights of this program include:

  • One flat rate based on volume allowance
  • One flat rate for permanent storage within each region
  • One flat rate for insurance
  • Reduced supplemental invoices
  • No accessorial charges, e.g. elevators, parking permits, shuttles, stair carries, long carries, etc.

Additional benefits of the program include:

  • Simplified budgeting and auditing
  • Reduced work load for your internal staff
  • Improved overall program quality
  • Proven cost savings