Supplier Management

The supplier development team’s purpose is to provide structured oversight in the selection and management of supplier partners, as well as to optimize supplier performance while ensuring that competitive services fees are negotiated and managed with these suppliers. businessteam-1 Our team consists of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) – global owners of each designated supplier service category; and regional directors who manage all regionally situated suppliers as well as support in-region operational supplier-related needs.

Our philosophy is to identify and contract with top-performing, efficiency-driven suppliers who focus on delivering optimal service at a competitive price. Graebel’s approach is to foster strong business relationships with service providers who are partnership-minded; this business model is supported by market appropriate pricing that includes reasonable margins for our service providers and produces fair outcomes for customers and service providers alike. Graebel has no financial incentive to use one company over another; consequently we select the best provider based on total cost, quality, and customer satisfaction. If you are a supplier who would like to join us, please email

Performance Management
Graebel manages our service providers using a quarterly scorecard and review process. Understanding the root cause of service challenges and successes are a critical element of Graebel’s performance management program. Our philosophy is simple – it is not sufficient to impose remedial action and expect that it will be done; rather the process is a collaborative one and is anchored with formally documented action plans. The plan contains the specific actions to be taken, the timeline for improvement, how success will be defined, and a schedule for follow up as required throughout the process to ensure that the required improvements have become established.

Due Diligence and Compliance
Graebel’s due diligence ensures our supplier network is financially sound, has signed confidentiality agreements, provides adequate data privacy security protection including secure transmission and storage and disposal of data as well as clean desk practices, conducts employee testing including criminal and financial background checks along with drug tests (except in countries where enforcement is not legal), complies with foreign corrupt and anti-bribery practices, has business continuity plans in place including but not limited to disaster recovery management, offers sufficient coverage of insurance requirements, and have industry certifications demonstrating quality (like ISO) and expertise. Our extensive criteria is enforced via a close relationship between the supplier development team and the compliance group within Graebel who work in tandem to ensure qualifications prior to admitting a supplier into the network as well as conducting annual observance checks. As a result, Graebel’s clients can sleep easy at night knowing the supplier network is safe and secure.

Supplier Diversity
Graebel works with an open service provider network, and we are able to select and manage service providers that meet your MWBE requirements. Some of our clients have specific diversity involvement policies, for which Graebel can accommodate and provide reports that track our ability to meet these requirements.