Global Consulting Services

Whether you are in need of a simple policy update or benchmarking and building a new program, Graebel can evaluate the competitiveness of your relocation policies, programs and processes against the industry’s most innovative practices and forward-thinking organizations. Our consulting team has the expertise to allow us to define critical issues, make practical recommendations and execute solutions effectively.200395966-001

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Program Review and Analysis
An in-depth review of your company’s current mobility program by the Graebel consulting team to answer specific questions and make recommendations on how to reach a desired future state based on business needs. The analysis includes the financial impact of change, in addition to a plan to create consistency and accountability across all aspects of your company’s program.

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Talent Management Strategy
Graebel experts can help align mobility programs worldwide with your corporate talent acquisition and retention strategies to support business requirements in all regions.

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Global Policy Development
Graebel’s consulting team will work with you to develop the appropriate policies for your organization’s mobility needs, providing the right level of support for your employee population that fits with your corporate culture.

Industry Benchmarking
A Benchmark Study is a blind comparison of your company’s policies against comparative companies in the same industry sector with similar activity and mobility patterns. A consulting team member will discuss the results and help determine next steps with you.

Thought Leadership
Graebel understands the intricacies of the worldwide mobility industry, and the team is dedicated to gathering and disseminating information that connects companies of all sizes with subject matter experts to help you make informed decisions.

Group Move Services
Graebel offers a full array of Group Move Services, including specific policy design for the Group Move to encourage employee retention while keeping costs down, and recommending features that can ease the transition for your employees accepting the relocation, such as pre-move area tours and an on-site resource center managed by trained relocation consultants.

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Case Study: Synchronizing multiple group moves overseas.

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