Financial Services

Compensation Administration
Graebel offers full compensation administration to support client HR, payroll and AP worldwide, in conjunction with the client tax partner to document, track, and report expatriate assignment expenses for home and host country tax preparation.

  • Ongoing Allowance Administrationexpense-mgmt-services
  • COLA Recalculations
  • US & Foreign Tax Payments
  • Tax Accruals
  • Payroll Advice
  • Comp Accumulation (Pay Register & AP)
  • Shadow Payroll Reporting
  • Year-End Compensation Reporting & Reconciliation
  • Tax Equalization Management


Cost Estimates
Graebel can generate a comprehensive cost estimate for all types of global mobility assignments and relocation programs, with or without tax estimates. For multi-year assignments, the estimate includes a complete analysis of all costs from the beginning to the projected end of the assignment. Reliable cost estimates help to formulate a more accurate business plan and allow for accrued expenses throughout the year.

Fully integrated cost estimate tool available 24/7!

Billing Solutions
Graebel provides customized billing solutions designed to meet your unique global business needs. The flexibility of our billing process is designed to meet your financial requirements, reduce internal processing cost, and provide maximum cost allocation and program reporting.

Employee Disbursement
Graebel offers variety expense management services, including auditing and disbursement of employee expenses, lump sums, and allowances within 3-5 business days of approval. Graebel will provide the withholding and gross up calculations on all employee payments, along with a comprehensive multi-step review of expenses to ensure compliance to client policy. Assignees can submit, track and view real time reporting of relocation expenses online via Graebel’s globalCONNECTSM system or exclusive mobile app.

Vendor Payment
Graebel reviews all third party invoices to ensure program compliance to policy parameters, approved exceptions and required documentation prior to payment. Graebel removes the administrative burden of funding and processing payments and provides real-time visibility and comprehensive reporting of your global relocation spend via Graebel’s globalCONNECTSM system.

Tax and Payroll Services
Graebel provides global payroll services through periodic payroll and cumulative year-end reporting, including a year-end true up. Services include audit, compliance, payment, foreign currency administration and reporting. Our tax and payroll services are designed to meet your mobility objectives through consultative reviews and best practice recommendations.

Tenancy Management
Graebel acts as the relocating employee’s advocate with the host country landlord, including the payment of security deposit, ongoing rent and utilities, negotiating lease renewals, and retrieving security deposit when moving out.