Program Management

Graebel offers a full suite of domestic and international program management services. Our programs are designed to manage every facet of your relocation program and can be customized based on your company’s specific need.

Transition Management
Graebel follows a well-tested road map that drives all activities towards an agreed upon outcome. Led by a seasoned project manager, the transition team will monitor work product and ensure that all program elements are implemented accurately and on time.

Case Study: Implementing a global company in the fortune 25.

Cost Containment
Graebel offers a broad portfolio of services that help our clients maintain or reduce costs. Our ability to manage the supply chain results in direct cost savings for our clients and Graebel has robust forecasting products to help budget and track program costs.

Situation Analysis: $750,000+ in Savings Uncovered in Relocation Activities – Plus, a six-figure savings in streamlined request for proposal process.

Policy Counseling
Highly-trained, customer-service oriented Graebel consultants are the single point of coordination for your employees throughout the relocation or expatriate assignment and will help guide them through the program, explaining benefits and orchestrating all aspects of the move or assignment.

Quality Control
Graebel strives to achieve 100% satisfaction scores with all of our clients and their transferring employees, and we will readily adopt service level metrics to measure and illustrate adherence to program excellence. Monthly dashboards provide data analytics on an immediate basis to help formulate plans for cost containment or future growth.

Benefit Administration

Candidate assessment:  Graebel can offer a self-assessment tool to help build a candidate pool, or for senior-level positions, a more in-depth assessment process that provides feedback regarding job suitability, developmental areas, and family conditions that may affect success on assignment.

Home finding and area orientation:  Graebel works with best in class real estate and rental professionals who will provide an area tour as well as viewing of appropriate properties based on budget, desired neighborhoods and amenities.

Visa and immigration:  Graebel will work with an immigration partner to secure proper visas and work permit. We can upload and store scanned documents, track and report on expiration dates, and help facilitate visa renewals.

Language and cultural training:  Graebel partners provide language and intercultural training in over 50 countries customized to meet the needs and time constraints of the participants. Individual and group classes can be arranged, with a focus on personal and/or business responsibilities.

…Online tools can only deliver information and learning, not skills, and skills are what international assignees and families need to perform at levels of excellence while abroad…skills development can only be achieved through training, which allows for coaching, critiquing, questions and answers that get immediate responses from knowledgeable and trained experts who run our Intercultural Training programs… Dean Foster

School search:   Graebel will work closely with a Destination Service Partner to assist in finding appropriate schools. If more specialized services are needed, Graebel will initiate assistance with our school selection partners.

Temporary housing:   Graebel utilizes a vast network of US and global resources for temporary housing, offering accommodations from studios to multiple bedroom units, and Graebel will arrange direct billing.

Destination Services:   Graebel has built a world-class network of Destination Services Partners (DSP) to help employees moving internationally. Area Orientation, Home Finding, School Search, Settling-in and Departure Services are provided by trained professionals who understand the complications and concerns when moving to a new culture.

Spouse/Partner Assistance:  Graebel can arrange for different types of assistance that focus on career services. Career counseling includes skills assessments, resume writing, networking referrals, coaching, as well as a database of local employers.

Move Management:   Graebel Move Management administers the highest quality worldwide moving and storage services, at the lowest possible cost, with 100% accountability for performance.

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Expense Management Services: Graebel provides a full suite of expense management services including the auditing, tracking, and payment of employee expenses as well as financial and payroll reporting. Our Expense Management services are designed to be flexible and reduce the internal burden of processing relocation expenses.

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