Our People

Meet Lucie

"It’s great to work for an employer who is not afraid of change and is willing to grow together with the market. Not each day is the same at Graebel."

Joined Graebel in March 2014
Prague, Czech Republic
International Assignment Consultant

Meet Alexander

“Working on the GRSW International Team with people from all over the globe is like traveling the world everyday.”

Joined Graebel in May 2014
Denver, Colorado USA
International Assignment Associate

Meet Brian

"Graebel has given me opportunities to assist clients and their families from all around the globe. It has been a rewarding experience!"

Joined Graebel in October 2011
Kent, Washington USA
GRSW International Operations Manager

Meet Rakhi

"Our people make Graebel. They are the reason I work here."

Joined Graebel in October 2005
Denver, Colorado USA
Global Training Manager

Meet Amit

"Graebel has helped me realize how small our world is, and how broad my horizons are."

Joined Graebel in April 2013
Alpharetta, Georgia USA
International Assignment Associate

Meet Casey

"Graebel has given me the opportunity to work in Seattle, Philadelphia and Prague! I’m grateful that I have had the chance to assist our Global Team from a global perspective as an American living in Prague and living the experience that so many of our transferees have!"

Joined Graebel in April 2009
Prague, Czech Republic
Operations Manager EMEA

Meet Monique

"I absolutely enjoy seeing Bill Graebel’s enthusiasm and commitment to his family business. You can always see the sparkle in his eyes when he proudly talks about where we have been in the past and where we are headed in the future."

Joined Graebel in May 2008
Berlin, Germany
Account manager EMEA

Meet Teresa

"I love how Graebel respects what our people have to offer. They have utilized my diverse expertise and allowed me to contribute in several areas and make a difference in many ways."

Joined Graebel in July 2013
Phoenix, Arizona USA
SVP, Global Client Services

Meet Brad

"The core company values of “What do you need, how can I help?” and “Do it right the first time” is what differentiates Graebel from our competitors."

Joined Graebel in September 2009
Denver, Colorado USA
Director of Operations Denver Domestic

Meet Greg

"Working for a family owned company makes you feel like family."

Joined Graebel in July 2012
Denver, Colorado USA
Relocation Consultant

Meet Jacky

"It is exciting to be part of an organization where leadership takes an active interest in fostering the professional growth and development of its employees."

Joined Graebel in January 2008
Denver, Colorado USA
VP of Strategic Initiatives

Meet Janette

"My career path has continued to grow due to the supportive management that is always flexible, understanding and appreciative. I could not ask for a better company to work for!"

Joined Graebel in June 2010
Denver, Colorado USA
Rental Consultant

Meet Jasmit

"The environment allows me to grow as a person. It’s the people in the environment that makes the difference."

Joined Graebel in June 2012
International Assignment Consultant

Meet Kari

"Working for the Graebel Companies has not only given me the opportunity to grow and to be successful in this industry, but has also provided an environment where hard work is acknowledged and rewarded."

Joined Graebel in October 1991
Denver, Colorado USA
Quality Systems Director

Meet Darin

"Graebel has provided me the tools and leadership to pursue organizations looking for relocation services worldwide. The best part of my job is to create customized solutions for clients looking to hire and relocate talented individuals throughout the US and other countries."

Joined Graebel in December 2009
Renton, Washington USA
VP, Business Development

Meet Lytha

"I never thought I’d be employed by a company for almost 25 years, but there is a NEW adventure every day at Graebel! I am looking forward to many more years with Graebel."

Joined Graebel in December 1990
Denver, Colorado USA
Corporate Receptionist

Meet Rocky

"To me, Graebel is a big family. I would love to stay, to grow and to make my own contribution to this family."

Joined Graebel in June 2013
Shanghai, China
Regional Director, Global Supply Development

Meet Carol

"Graebel is like a big family with humble, hungry and smart people. People based at different locations care for one another, are willing to pitch in and help with whatever needs doing. We learn and grow with each other."

Joined Graebel in March 2013
Shanghai, China
International Relocation Operations Manager

Meet Mark

"At Graebel, we have the opportunity to positively influence people’s lives, worldwide."

Joined Graebel in November 1989
Houston, Texas USA
Manager, GMII Operations