Graebel International has provided shipping and relocation services for three years. During this time they have performed their duties in a high quality and professional manner.

Our staff members that are relocating have consistently rated their quality of service as high. In addition, Graebel has an excellent reputation worldwide which assures a high quality network of agents overseas.

I feel confident in recommending Graebel International to handle your relocation needs.

International Manufacturer

We want to take a moment and convey our appreciation for the value of services provided by Graebel.

The high level of service provided to our employees makes a very stressful time, a much more pleasant and effective experience. Graebel has gone above and beyond to ensure that services are delivered as promised and on time.

The commitment demonstrated across the board by Graebel provide the type of experience we want for our transferees and stakeholders.

Look forward to our continued partnership.

International Banking Organization

I am Bonnie’s husband and ultimately the cause of the relocation to North Carolina. In addition to all the things that Bonnie said, I would like to add in some really important words here: “Flexible, open-minded, creative, fun”.
With 5 kids, 2 cats and a guinea pig, Tim has had to work around a lot of challenges – and he’s been cheerful and fun while doing it. He’s made what could be a very frustrating and stressful experience into a non-frustrating still-stressful but adventurous one!


I wanted to give you some direct feedback regarding the customer service and support we have received over the past three (3) years. When a family moves to an unfamiliar place there are many difficulties and challenges. This was certainly the case with our assignment in Germany (2010 thru 2013). With so many hurdles and issues facing us in Germany, I could not have been more pleased and satisfied with the support from Diane W.

Diane was always there for us when we needed her support. Prompt service, professionalism and a level of customer service we rarely experienced (absolutely never in Germany!). With one brief email or phone call, I could rest assured that my concern would be addressed quickly.

It was always a pleasure to speak with Diane. Her energy and cheerfulness was even felt as I read her emails. I am truly grateful for the professionalism, support and level of understanding Diane displayed. Knowing our family’s dream home was in her hands was comforting. The level of support and understanding as we returned to the US after three (3) years away . . . Priceless.

Me and my family are very grateful. Thank you.

Mike Z.

Dear Graebel Leadership Team Members,

I wanted to send you a personal note of appreciation and congratulations for your teams’ continued support and partnership providing outstanding results for relocation services.

Every October we hold an annual leadership meeting to discuss our successes in the prior fiscal year and stage our objectives for the new fiscal year. One standing agenda item is the review of our Customer Satisfaction Survey. There are two target respondents to this survey: the senior leadership across the globe and the companies key users of each service. I am thrilled to announce that this year; the relocation service line had the highest score of ALL services across the globe!

This is a significant accomplishment for our collective teams and I wanted to recognize that it could not have been achieved without your leadership as well as the Graebel team members throughout your organization and especially those on site with us in Orlando. In addition, I understand that the service delivery encompasses an entire team of both domestic and international Graebel service providers so please extend my recognition to them as well.

As Graebel continues to celebrate its sixty years in business, and the thousands of employees that we relocate every year are benefiting from your organization’s collective experience, knowledge, and critical focus on “the customer”.   Thanks so much for your efforts and we look forward to maintaining our world-class results in the years to come!

Globally Operating Technology Company

I have been working with Veronica on my move and I saw in the footer of her email that you are her manager. I wanted to say that she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is very thorough, informed, and accurate. Most of all, I really appreciate her approachability and exceedingly friendly attitude.


I’m in.  Everything delivered. I’m down to less than 20 boxes to unpack so not too bad for just 3 weekends of duty.

This experience has been divine as compared to the last move. Every person, every contact has been extremely professional, courteous, transparent, ethical – a joy to meet and work with. Chandra has run point on every aspect and has been marvelous. Graebel clearly has a wonderful family-oriented culture that focuses on the customer. They truly walk the walk.

In total I cannot say enough about the team at Graebel!


I wanted to send you a quick note regarding Graebel’s role in my recent relocation; specifically the help of my consultant, Adriana. I am currently an intern for a 10-week program that required me to move from my home in North Carolina to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Initially this seemed like a daunting task, but with the help of Adriana it could not have been easier.

From the very start she was readily available and prompt in her responses, which included all the necessary information to help get the move underway. All of my questions were answered thoroughly and quickly. On the day of the move, my rental car was waiting to be picked up with everything pre-registered. The process of submitting expense reports has also been very straightforward and fair.

I would like to sincerely thank Graebel and Adriana for making this relocation completely stress-free.

Tyler O.