Graebel’s healthcare team delivers on successful Community Hospital relocation project

Graebel’s healthcare team delivers on successful Community Hospital relocation project


The Client

Community Hospital, Grand Junction, CO

  • 140,000 square foot, state of the art facility
  • Nearly 300 doctors representing 55 specialisations
  • Approximately 800 employees


The Challenge

Over its 70-year history, Community Hospital has outgrown two of its Grand Junction facilities and was now facing another relocation—this time to a new, four-story, 140,000 square foot facility five miles from the current location. The move required the phased relocation of administrative offices, laboratories, clinical rooms and patient rooms with no disruption to service or healthcare.



Project Summary

Manage the relocation of hospital furnishings, equipment, supplies and patients to a new facility with no disruption to patient care. Consolidate and inventory remaining furniture and equipment. Work with numerous departments and individuals to help ensure relocated equipment is certified and approved for use.


The Solution

The Graebel healthcare team, a specialist unit within the company’s Commercial Services Division, has successfully undertaken more than 480 healthcare facility projects. In fact, Community Hospital Vice President of Operations Debbie Riggle chose Graebel as her project’s move manager after observing the team in action on another project.

The Graebel team identified and addressed several logistical challenges during the planning process:

  • There was limited access to the loading dock at the old facility
  • After years of facility additions, parking areas were tight
  • Staging needed to be carefully choreographed to ensure efficient moving and minimal disruption

The team met with each department to:

  • Establish hour-by-hour timelines
  • Educate the staff on the process
  • Establish contingency plans

The schedule was revised as needed, for example when the hospital’s Certificate of Occupancy was delayed well into the process.

The Graebel team phased the project so that patient care capabilities were available at both sites as needed throughout the relocation process. Also, the team:

  • Was onsite at the new facility six weeks before the actual move to receive, unpack, place, assemble and install the OFOI, OFVI and OFCI equipment over a two-week period
  • Worked with the environmental services, bio-med, infection control, respiratory therapy, information technology and facilities departments as well as the end users, to ensure relocated equipment was certified and approved for use
  • Consolidated and inventoried all remaining furniture and medical equipment immediately after the relocation


“Preparing for and moving our hospital was the most incredible instance of teamwork I’ve ever been involved in. Having a consultant with knowledge working alongside our own staff made for a comparatively smooth and safe experience.”

– Debbie Riggle, Vice President Operations, Community Hospital


The Results

During the relocation period, the hospital’s planning team met each day with all vendors to coordinate activity and share updates. At the final meeting, the Graebel team was applauded by all for their exceptional service and attention to details, both large and small. More important to the Graebel team of course was that the project was completed as planned so that patient care was uninterrupted.


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