MAC program design and implementation for S&P 100 client

MAC program design and implementation for S&P 100 client

Karla Fleege

The Client

S&P 100 U.S. telecommunications company

  • Annual revenue in excess of $110 billion USD
  • More than 150,000 employees


The Challenge

In 2015, this company processed more than 21,000 MAC (Move Add Change) work orders for office furniture-related “break-fix” requests and small office moves.

Approximately 90 vendors managed those work orders. Each order triggered a separate invoice and payment, and tasks were fulfilled on an “on-demand, anytime, anywhere” basis. Graebel Commercial Services® was one of those vendors, providing MAC services for the client in several states through its network of suppliers.


Project Summary

Design an efficient National MAC Program that reduces costs and staff time.


The Solution

The Graebel Planning Services® team recognized the opportunity for tremendous efficiencies and cost savings for this client. After several meetings with the company and thoroughly researching their site-specific work order records, Graebel developed a “service day” model for batching and fulfilling individual MAC work orders.

The service day model engages Graebel’s extensive, vetted network of workplace and relocation service providers. Graebel strategically dispatches these suppliers to address individual workplace MAC service requests, ensuring that multiple tasks are completed during each visit.

Given its competitive pricing arrangements with these suppliers, Graebel is able to pass on significant cost savings to the client. Graebel manages the payments to these suppliers and sends the client a single monthly invoice for all services performed in our assigned territory.

To ensure a continued high level of employee satisfaction under this new system, Graebel designed and now manages an employee work order response process that begins with an auto-response email confirmation followed by a phone call to gather more information and initiate the scheduling process.


“I’ve been involved for numerous years with these on demand, incidental, business as usual requests and this [service day concept] has improved efficiency enormously.” 

– Corporate Global Real Estate Manager


The Results

The company opted to implement the Graebel service day MAC program in 18 southern U.S. states with approximately 150 locations. Two Graebel Project Coordinators manage the program full time. Thanks to Graebel’s dispatching model, vetted network of suppliers and management of the program:

  • The number of suppliers serving these locations has been reduced by more
    than two-thirds
  • A two-person work crew addresses up to eight work orders at a site in a typical service day
  • The client has substantially reduced its MAC labor costs and related expenditures
  • The client has significantly scaled back the number of employees devoted to managing suppliers and MAC functions


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Karla Fleege