Driving Excellence in Talent Mobility

The Annual APAC Workforce Mobility Strategy Summit was held on 22 September in Singapore and drew 64 Mobility leaders representing 49 companies.

At this one-day insideMOBILITY℠ Summit, a diverse group of industry insiders discussed timely issues related to:

Programme Evaluation – participants shared assessments of their own Mobility programmes and identified many of their ongoing challenges.

Programme Enhancement – best practice approaches were identified for extending the value of Mobility programmes throughout an organisation.

Evaluating Trending Strategies – emerging strategies on how to best manage employee localisation and lump sum benefits were debated.

We’ve captured the key findings from the Summit in this full report: Driving Excellence in Talent Mobility. In it you’ll find insights like:

  • Pros and cons of Lump Sum
  • Characteristics of next-generation Mobility programmes
  • Factors driving the growing interest in Localisation arrangements
  • Attributes of ideal Mobility leaders


Click here for the full report on Driving Excellence in Talent Mobility