Find hidden value by unlocking Mobility data

By: Tim O’Shea
Vice President,  Worldwide Consulting Services

You want to push Mobility forward for your company. But amid significant evolutionary trends — including shorter assignments, global uncertainties and a workforce craving international experience — where do you begin? Our blog series, “Transformative Insight for the World Ahead”, explores emerging challenges as you strive to leverage your programme as a key differentiator for people on the move.


You’re always looking to cut costs. You’re not alone. However, when it becomes a singular quest, it can compromise the effectiveness of your Mobility programme. After all, if you’re preoccupied with cost-cutting details, you’re missing out on opportunities to enhance and expand your programme.

It’s time to differentiate yourself and your programme by emphasising more data from more sources, so you can make more informed decisions — and add value.


Make every connection count

You don’t manage your Mobility programme autonomously. It should comprise smart, experienced stakeholders from payroll, finance, human resources, accounts payable and many other departments. Each group has an incredible amount of specific expertise to share. You’re tasked with tapping into this.

Unfortunately, technology and process gaps compromise your ability to work collectively. With so many key players from across your organisation, silos can form quickly. Information is lost behind closed loops and doors.

As the Mobility leader, it’s up to you to get others to buy into your vision and strive for a common purpose. Are you looking to move into new markets? Expand the knowledge of your workforce? Promote the company brand globally? Share the details with every stakeholder and present your case. Only then will they buy into your strategy.


Mind the gaps

Data and information have an uncanny ability to hide, especially when you want it. Use diagnostic tools to find out where it’s hidden. Combine proven methodologies, best practices, research and expertise to gain an in-depth 360-degree view of your Mobility programme and unlock your most valuable asset — insight.

By helping stakeholders be an active participant in assessing how your programme performs, you can get them on the same page, with everybody speaking the same language. Document respondents’ answers to strategically crafted questions to learn more about the information chain of command in your organisation. Their answers will help you identify the areas where information lags or gets lost.

That “lost” information holds the secret to adding value to your Mobility programme. Once you know where the gaps in your programme reside, you can begin to bridge them between cross-functional groups and move forward as a unified organisation.


Turn information into a known commodity

Once you identify and eliminate the gaps between key stakeholders, use the influx of information to add value. You’ll have more metrics to track individuals deployed in both global and domestic engagements. You’ll be able to share insights with colleagues and clients faster and more effectively. And most importantly, you’ll know where you need to revise your strategy — with insights from the experts on how to do it.

In addition, you’ll have tangible results to share with senior executives and other business leaders about how valuable Mobility is for your organisation.


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