Mobility Strategy: Feedback You Can Trust

Key stakeholders will be more invested in your mobility strategy if they’re involved in creating it.

Relevant industry and competitor benchmarks are a great reference point to start with, but the people who matter the most to your mobility strategy are the ones you already know.

Our team involves your key people to review your mobility programmes in detail and ensure their buy-in is being secured. By working closely together, we help you make sure your path forward is shaped by engaged voices.

Early benchmarking to guide the conversation

To cover the basics, we provide initial benchmarking based on our extensive internal database of relocation policies to gauge the maturity of your programme relative to the competition.

Channels and chances for everyone to be heard

The people most affected by your mobility strategy ‒ the ones who will drive the real impact on your company’s performance ‒ need to be part of the conversation. With our Voice of Customer initiatives, we’ll run focus groups as well as create customised and targeted surveys for transferees, assignees, managers and recruiters that provide feedback about your mobility programme from a human perspective.

A fresh look at the internal dynamics

Creating buy-in ‒ and ultimately advocacy ‒ for your mobility programmes requires the right people having the right visibility into how it’s delivering value for them. With stakeholder analysis, we help you understand the broad scope of internal programme stakeholders, map their levels of influence, and focus your communications with the messages that matter most to them.

Mobility Strategy includes:

  • Policy reviews
  • In-depth programme reviews
  • Voice of customer
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Ad hoc benchmarking

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