We Love the Summer – Thanks for Maintaining Excellence During Relocation’s Busy Season

By: Bill Graebel, SGMS, CEO

Bill Graebel, CEOTo the Graebel Team around the globe…

Upon returning from a recent trip to our offices in Prague, London and Ireland, I was super energised and grateful to have seen the Pride of Graebel (our people) in action. These teams, just like other Graebel teams around the globe, were expertly serving our customers in the midst of the record volume levels we’re seeing during this annual peak season!

In these drop-by visits, I was impressed with the calm, professional and positive way our consultants and forwarders communicated with our transferees and suppliers. Further, I was very proud to listen in on a couple of implementation and account management calls and hear how these conversations clearly generated peace of mind and confidence for our clients.

I sincerely appreciate all the preparation that went into our peak season planning and execution—throughout the company and around the world. While there’s always an element of surprise and the unexpected during the summer months, the quick action, poise and genuine care on display from our people is truly impressive. And it’s awesome to see how we continue to exceed our customer satisfaction benchmarks in each corner of the company.

Team Graebel, you’re doing amazing work. We have an extraordinary global ensemble of talented, like-minded professionals focused on superior service!

As you know, this year I’m making a special point of recognising “unsung heroes” throughout the Graebel Companies family. They and others like them make up the bedrock of our company. During my travels in the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of these heroes and we’ve had fun recognising and honouring them. Here’s just one example that I captured on video during a visit to Prague and London: Recognising Unsung Heroes.

But those aren’t the only heroes in our company. While many of our best people may be behind the scenes from our clients’ perspective, they’re front and centre to me and everyone on our leadership and management teams.

The theme of this focused recognition is “Our Talent is Taking Care of Yours.” Like all good marketing messages, it says a lot in a few words. On the one hand, it says Graebel’s value proposition is built around serving our clients’ people. But it also says Graebel’s people are taking care of our clients’ people…that we’re all doing everything we can to ensure a positive experience for every person we touch.

That’s how we’ll continue to grow and succeed as a company. It’s all about our people. It’s about you.

In closing, thanks again for all you’ve done to prepare us for the peak season and for the amazing service you’re providing our clients and transferees now that we’re in the middle of it. You’re truly making a difference in the lives of the people who put their trust in us, and you’re also helping us earn the trust of new clients at an ever increasing rate!

Take care, keep hydrated and Here’s to the World Ahead!