Workplace Relocation Program Management

Organizations are constantly evolving in many ways—including their physical space requirements.

At any given time, one or more of a corporation’s facilities around the globe are under renovation, opening, closing, growing or consolidating.

Managing all of these projects efficiently and cost-effectively requires a seasoned expert, someone who is familiar with all aspects of a relocation or workspace re-sizing project. And that “someone” must ensure that all this activity is carried out in a coordinated and consistent manner—with a sensitivity to the organization’s specific needs, with an understanding of the project’s unique circumstances and in accordance with the company’s policies, procedures and culture.

One Time or Long-Term Project Management

We’ll bring solutions, capabilities, best practices and integrated technologies to manage the full scope or any portion of your workspace relocation program to help you achieve your business objectives.

Planning, Process, and Procedure Development

Transforming an office space with minimal disruption requires detailed planning, founded on proven processes and procedures. Graebel’s on-staff professionals will start at square one to ensure these core elements are sound and in place.

Worldwide Supplier Management

Graebel’s professionals have managed workspace projects all around the world, closely overseeing the work of our contracted, vetted international service partners. We’ll choose the right partners for your job, manage and monitor their work, and hold them accountable to meet our quality and customer service standards.


  • Project management
  • Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC) management
  • Communication strategies
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Budget development and cost management
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Metrics and performance tracking
  • RFP development and management
  • Vendor recommendations and management



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