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Healthcare Relocation and Logistics

Graebel Healthcare Relocation Services

We eliminate the logistical headaches that come with your critical, time-sensitive project so you can continue to provide uninterrupted patient care.

The stakes are high

Our commitment to delivering people-first services is never more evident than in the healthcare arena. Time and timing are critical when you need to transfer equipment and supplies from one location to another to support uninterrupted patient care. And the need for those same high service levels and minimal business disruption is just as important for medical office buildings and labs.

A track record that adds to your peace of mind

Over the years, our Healthcare Relocation and Logistics Team has managed hundreds of relocations in non-profit, for-profit and government settings, including:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Research facilities and labs
  • Extended care facilities
  • Medical office buildings

Our team has extensive experience in Healthcare Logistics. They’re experienced with patient and administrative care and all the complexities of the healthcare workplace.

“Because your success requires a team that knows no limits to helping you through your very critical, time-sensitive and evolving healthcare project.”

Efficient relocation and installation

Our professionals work directly with your hospital transition planning team to execute the tactical elements of relocation and refurbishment projects.

  • We manage the activity closely, synchronizing equipment and supply relocation and delivery
  • Our chain of custody procedures and management are second to none
  • We arrange for secure off-site storage and provide just-in-time delivery with our Graebel Partner Alliance service providers around the world

Healthcare Relocation and Logistics Services include:

  • Owner furnished/owner installed (OFOI) medical equipment warehousing, delivery, assembly, placement and installation
  • Owner furnished/contractor installed (OFCI)
  • Owner furnished/vendor installed (OFVI) medical equipment warehousing, delivery and placement
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Services: on-site receiving, assembly, installation and placement
  • Secure asset warehousing
  • Proven, proprietary chain-of-custody procedures
  • Consolidation and liquidation services for equipment and furnishings
  • Patients’ move planning

Need help with your healthcare facility relocation?