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The Unique Strength of the Graebel Partner Alliance

The Unique Strength of the Graebel Partner Alliance

Chris Binding

By Bill Graebel

Supporting global companies as they care for the world

The human spirit astounds me.

All over the world, we see healthcare professionals working double shifts to care for the sick.  We see grocery and restaurant workers risking their own health to keep food available for us. We see facility teams labour to clean their entire workplace just to turn around and do it all over again.

We are proud to serve the world’s leading companies that are using their unique capabilities to help make a positive difference in responding and recovering to this global pandemic. Their scientists are creating diagnostic tests that increase access to COVID-19 tests.  They are producing ventilators using existing manufacturing facilities and workers. And they are delivering the essential food and supplies we need right to our doors, so we can stay safe at home.

At the heart of what enables them to provide these critical services, is their talent. It’s the ingenuity and dedication of their employees around the world.

And it’s our talent that is responsible for the care and support of their mobile workforce. And when I say “our talent,” certainly I mean the hundreds of dedicated Graebel employees around the world.

But alongside them are the thousands of workers employed by the Graebel Partner Alliance network, ready to serve our clients in nearly every country on Earth. We are proud of the work we do together – all with the utmost respect and commitment for our duty of care of clients, transferees and their families.

From day one of this crisis, I have been so impressed by the responsiveness and caring of our partners. They are always willing to go above-and-beyond their scope of work, but I have never seen anything like this. Early on, we collaborated to pull together Graebel Extended Relief Services to provide local care for assignees around the world, ranging from providing valuable information related to emergency services and medical support to family care packages, food provisions, transportation and other needs that may come up. It’s our way to plan for the unexpected and be ready to serve.

So to the partners around the world, thank you.  Thank you for your collaboration so we can ensure that great scientists live and work near top-of-the-line laboratories. So that the best and brightest logistics leaders from one country can spend time and train leaders in other markets. And so that a family on assignment can stay safe at home and still have their needs met.

We are deeply grateful for your partnership.


Bill Graebel

Chris Binding