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How to increase mobility program visibility to operate more strategically and effectively

how to increase Program Visibility

3 ways you can boost visibility for your mobility program

When your workforce mobility program lacks organizational visibility, you don’t get a seat at the table. And this means you’re always the last to know about challenges or goals mobility can help meet.

Instead of executing against a defined plan, you’re frantically playing catch up. And this leaves you feeling stuck. Unable to demonstrate the value of the program you work so hard to improve each day.

But while you may feel invisible sometimes, there are ways to overcome this challenge. With a little perseverance, you’ll swap your current “out-of-sight, out-of-mind-status” for a regular spot on the corporate agenda.

Here are a few steps for getting more engagement and elevating the visibility of your program:

Initiate a virtual or in-person stakeholder roadshow to educate and gather input

It’s common for non-mobility leaders to have an oversimplified view of the purpose of your program. But the positive side of this situation is you’re working with a fresh slate. You have the perfect opportunity to advance their thinking through an action-based approach.

Set up meetings with the stakeholders who are regular consumers of your workforce mobility program. Talk to them about your role. Then, explain that you’re interested in gathering feedback about what needs to be changed or improved. Also, find out their goals for the next few months to uncover how mobility can help achieve them.

Once you obtain this information, you’ll better understand specific business priorities and be more equipped to demonstrate how your program can get results. These meetings will also allow you to establish a rapport. And the more positive relationships you can build, the more visibility you will gain over time.

Document your workforce mobility strategy

When you’re so busy, it can be challenging to find time to put together a formal plan. But if you want to generate greater visibility for your program, it’s essential to create a clearly documented workforce mobility strategy.

Not only will a written document create a roadmap for you and your team, but it will provide leaders with valuable insight into your program. Without it, no one in the organization will know what you’re working on or how it relates to important business priorities.

When crafting your strategy, make sure to present the current state of your mobility program, the desired future state and how you plan to get there. Specifically, use any inputs you gained from conversations with key stakeholders to showcase how your workforce mobility strategy ties to defined business goals. Then, explain the activities you will focus on to drive results.

Documenting your program will not only help you get buy-in to secure budget and resources, but your program will get attention when framed as a critical solution to achieving business success.

Set up a regular cadence of communications

While meeting with key stakeholders and documenting a strategy are great first steps for increasing visibility, you won’t grow your program’s presence long term if you only do this once.

To remain top-of-mind, you need to communicate with decision-makers regularly. But since they’re busy, you also need a good reason to secure a spot on their calendar.

A great way to continue to get valuable conversations is to set up meetings at regular intervals to discuss progress against the workforce mobility strategy you defined. Make sure you have a presentation you can use to facilitate a productive discussion and leave a positive impression.

The more you get in front of key stakeholders to demonstrate advancement towards important business goals, the more your mobility program will be recognized as a key strategic driver instead of a costly tactic.

Program Visibility

Get a plan to increase the visibility of your workforce mobility program

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