CitySwitcher® by Graebel

A better approach to employee self-managed moves

CitySwitcher by Graebel

Employees making self-managed moves are confronted with dozens of provider and service options. We help them figure out how to ideally spend their lump sum.


Ensuring employees with self-managed moves don't feel neglected

Some companies utilize lump sum relocation arrangements to attract top talent while maintaining cost control. But moves are becoming increasingly complex. Employees are confronted with many decisions … and just as many unknowns.

Researching realtors, movers, pet transporters and other relocation service providers can significantly distract your employee from their work or their job preparation. And they may not be able to find cost-effective providers, meaning their lump sum award won’t go as far as it could.

That’s where CitySwitcher® by Graebel comes in.

Guidance from a Move Coach puts an employee on the right path.

The Move Coach element of CitySwitcher by Graebel provides the high-touch experience you want for your employees. Thanks to this consultation, they have a plan of action, a rundown on the range of services they should consider and even information on the best providers in their area.

Outcome: Your employee will be confident they haven’t neglected any details. They’ll know they’ve spent their lump sum as efficiently as possible.

Online management of a lump sum relocation.

CitySwitcher by Graebel is also an easy digital experience. The online application is easy to use and can be accessed on any device. The portal leads to a marketplace of trusted service suppliers world-wide … at preferred rates.

Users will also find tools that help them organize their relocation as well as reminders and suggestions on managing the details they’ll need to handle themselves.

Outcome: Do-it-Yourselfers will love the features and tools on this industry-leading lump sum move management application.

CitySwitcher by Graebel shows you care.

Lump sums can seem impersonal. But that’s not the impression you want to leave with a valued employee, whether they’re new or a long-time team member.

CitySwitcher by Graebel combines three essential services most lump sum employees need (and with no additional administrative burden on your mobility team):

  • Technology
  • Local Expertise
  • Vetted Service Providers

Not bad for a “self-managed” move!

A better kind of lump sum relocation award

Your employees will have access to personal guidance and a robust app to help them through this self-managed process. Rightsized support that’s right for them.

Experience CitySwitcher® by Graebel for yourself.