On-assignment support

Continued care and support during the assignment

Graebel on assignment relocation services support your employee behind the scenes — plus 24/7 global network support is also available — so they can focus on their new job's priorities.

While on assignment, we're supporting your employee behind the scenes — plus 24/7 global network support is also available — so they can focus on their new job's priorities.

Explore our on-assignment support

Anticipating needs throughout the assignment

Your employees and their family members on assignment will be confronted and most likely distracted by unfamiliar situations. “Normal” things like travel, tax filing and compensation will be more complex – for them and for you. That’s why we provide a wide range of ongoing administrative and personal services throughout the duration of the assignment.

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Policy counseling

As their assignment progresses, your mobile employees are bound to have policy-related questions about coverages or services. They get the information they need about the benefits you’ve made available that can help them succeed and thrive during their stay.

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Allowance administration

We provide allowance administration support services for mobile workforces, including core-flex and lump sum arrangements, through the API-enabled Graebel globalCONNECT® Mobility platform.

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Compensation management

Through our customizable, industry-leading mobility platform, globalCONNNECT®, Graebel offers a full suite of compensation management services to support your mobility program and meet the needs of your mobility team, your assignees and your tax provider. That means your assignees are fairly and accurately compensated, and this information is combined with other mobility data to give you a clear and full picture for the status of each of your global assignees.

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Expense management

The globalCONNECT® mobility experience platform can be tailored to manage the expenses and related reimbursement for your assignees. It’s customized to match your policies and processes, and you have the information you need to track and monitor expenses by employee, region or program-wide.

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Visa renewal and immigration services

We work with top international immigration service providers to ensure your assignees and their family members remain in compliance with host country laws regarding visas and other documentation.

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Tax reporting

The globalCONNECT® platform is a secure repository of employee data and integrated expense and compensation information. This provides a solid foundation for accurate and timely tax reporting for your team and for our tax service partners working to support your employees around the globe.

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Travel support

Business travel doesn’t end when an employee is on assignment. These people continue to take regional business trips and they also occasionally travel home as authorized in their relocation support policy. Our travel service providers manage these arrangements, and our globalCONNECT® comprehensive program tracker captures the pertinent data for expense and benefit reporting.

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Mail/utility account management

We a provide a wide range of important personal services for an employee on assignment. This includes areas of peace-of-mind support – things like managing incoming mail or keeping utility accounts active and current.

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Graebel® Extended Relief Services

All of the members of our Partner Alliance network in 165 countries stand ready to deliver special levels of localized support for your mobile employees when they’re faced with extraordinary, urgent situations. Circumstances can suddenly elevate their need for services like medical care, temporary living, transportation and even food supplies.

Peace of mind for the duration of the assignment

Ready to support your employees, when they need it

Throughout the entire mobile assignment, our consultants will always be just a phone call or email away, ready to provide guidance and clarifications about your policies. No confusion. No misunderstandings.

Following up on your commitments

You encourage your best and most promising employees to relocate by offering unique packages of financial incentives and reimbursement provisions. We’ll administer those allowances, lump sums and related payments. After all, who’s in a better position to ensure the payments are accurate and warranted than the company that’s coordinating your mobile employees’ activities?

Local care for your assignees

Whether they’re relocating, in place or repatriating, your employees might face unfamiliar challenges. You can both be confident that our global partners will go the extra mile when the unexpected occurs.

Planning ahead for compliance, accuracy and fairness

A lot of change is in store for a mobile employee who’s about to take on an assignment. We’ll work with your finance, benefits and payroll teams to make sure that one of the constants in the move will be the employee’s appropriate compensation and continued access to locally advisable benefits as well as the compliant reporting of all elements of the compensation package. We bring a uniquely global mobility perspective to compensation and tax planning because we know how assignment-related changes impact these issues.