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We are a full-service Relocation Management Company (RMC) that helps leading corporations around the world strategically and seamlessly relocate their employees and teams with a people-first approach.

Our people-first approach

Over 70 years of meeting new challenges with progressive opportunities

Our company started by hauling household goods in 1950. This moving business grew and grew over decades, and set industry standards along the way.

Then an interesting thing happened. Technology and transportation improved. And more and more organizations started doing global business. International operations expanded. Provincial markets for goods and services became more competitive. All of a sudden, people weren’t just relocating between states; they were routinely moving across oceans. They were exploring new worlds. And they were challenged with learning a myriad of languages, cultures and regulations.

Somebody had to help organizations become much more strategic with their mobility efforts. So we did.

Today, Graebel is one of the top talent mobility providers in the world, serving 165 countries across six continents. We contract other people to actually move the household goods now. But our service-oriented spirit is still in our DNA. It’s how we help some of the world’s biggest organizations tap into new global opportunities and attract new generations of leaders. And we’re just getting started.

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The family approach: committed to providing exceptional service

Our founder, David Graebel, was driven by the desire and determination to provide exceptional service to everyone he worked with. Through bold progression, Graebel grew quickly. Today, under the leadership of his son, Bill Graebel, the organization he started is recognized as the largest privately-owned relocation management company in the world – guided by the promise to provide exceptional relocation experiences.

Personalized care, global support

We deliver high-quality, personalized relocation services, no matter where in the world your employees need to go. With over 800 people worldwide, and operational and support centers located across the globe, we are able to provide relocation services in 165 countries.

Are we really any different?

We’ve always been a family business, not simply because generations of Graebel family members work here, but because of our shared values of respect, honor, and caring. We express these values in three words: Truth. Love. Integrity.

Honesty is the foundation of every healthy relationship, so Graebel seeks to live that value every day. We would much rather overdeliver than overpromise. We say what we’ll do, and we do what we say. But, although we are all bound by the fiber of truth, we are never abrasive or condescending in its delivery. We are respectful, realistic and straightforward in all our dealings.

You’ll seldom see “love” as a company value, and that’s just fine with us. It manifests itself in many ways at Graebel. Across the hall or across oceans, you can feel it. Love, as expressed by mutual respect. Love of self. Occasionally tough love. We love what we do. And, yes, we love working with our partners, clients—and each other!

And finally, there’s the high value we place on integrity. As the adage goes, “Doing the right thing when nobody is watching.” We’re not driven solely by numbers. Or a balance sheet. Integrity is at our core, and it’s one aspect of business with us that’s nonnegotiable.

Our values align directly with our commitment to sustainability and how we engage with people all over the world.

Our commitment to DEI
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Diversity, equity & inclusion

Graebel is committed to building, sustaining and leveraging a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace. We believe that by extension, then, those we work with — clients, mobile employees and supplier partners — will also feel the impacts of our inclusive culture.

Our commitment to sustainability
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Environmental stewardship

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee is charged with establishing environmental measures and initiatives across the globe. By integrating our environmental work with that of our supplier partners, internal teams and organizations, we help to minimize our carbon footprint throughout the relocation process.

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People and communities

We support and challenge Graebel team members at all levels around the globe to apply our values of Truth, Love and Integrity both professionally and personally. Participating in and supporting local charities enables them to do the right thing on a local scale and make an impact within their own communities.

Our vision is to be the trusted brand in global mobility - here's all the ways we're meeting this challenge today

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A single-source partner for everything mobility-related, exemplified by smarter processes and more attention to detail.

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A family-owned company with a people-first culture and a team empowered to do whatever it takes to make every transition a more human, less stressful experience.

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A flexible, open supply chain and a partner engagement model based on the principles of mutual knowledge, performance, innovation and growth.

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Graebel globalCONNECT®, a robust mobility experience platform that is fueled by data and shaped in consultation with each client to deliver custom solutions and personal experiences.

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A deeply experienced mobility strategy team to ensure your program is guided by industry expertise, shaped by internal voices and valued by everyone.

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Extensive experience working with some of the world’s largest and most recognized brands in 165 countries across six continents.

“The nimbleness of Graebel’s account management team and their willingness to partner with us to meet our changing needs has been an important factor in the success of our programs.”
- Global Mobility Manager, Fortune 500 Technology Company

Don't just take our word for it

View all awards and recognition
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Awards and recognition

Key industry, business and media groups have recognized the people of Graebel for their work in global relocation and talent mobility. These honors were awarded for Customer Service, Innovation, Organizational Excellence and Individual Leadership.

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Certifications and memberships

We are proud to be an elite partner or member in various leading worldwide associations. We also hold several industry credentials and certifications.

“Graebel is here to be your partner in adapting your mobility strategy to reflect the new normal, to support your talent management strategy, and to achieve your business goals.”
- Ron Dunlap, President, Graebel Companies, Inc.