Mobility Program Metrics and Reports

Data-enabled and people-focused mobility analytics

Graebel Provides Mobility Metrics & Reports as Part of its Global mobility Solutions

Data analytics is the language of business. We help mobility teams speak that language too, so they can enhance their mobility programs.

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The art of mobility analytics

Mobility program data, properly collected and analyzed, can be invaluable. It supports sound and rapid decision making. It alerts you to trends. It can demonstrate the connection between your mobility program and business outcomes.

Our Mobility Strategy and Business Intelligence Team can take you through the mobility analytics journey.

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Descriptive analytics

In its simplest form, data analytics helps you answer questions about what’s already happened. In your mobility program, descriptive analytics uses data aggregation tools to report on what’s happening in the program – for example data related to volume, satisfaction scores, cost and many more metrics.

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Predictive analytics

The next level of analytics helps you gain insights about what might happen next. With regard to your mobility program, predictive analytics using statistical modeling and simulations to determine trends and service levels in the data you’re collecting in real time. In this way, you can uncover challenges before they emerge.

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Prescriptive analytics

This is the highest level of data analytics since it goes beyond support for tactical planning to offer foresight that informs strategic activity. This kind of analysis employs optimization modeling to plan actions and directions.

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Building better data

The critical data points you need don’t emerge by themselves, of course. We bring you through the data analytics process. The journey begins with identifying what questions to ask and what answers you need. Then we work together to design a data infrastructure that can clearly deliver those answers using dashboards and other visualization formats.

Learn from your data

How effective could you be if …

You had access to continually updated mobility program data 24/7. You’d know right where to look to respond to mobility program inquiries or to make informed program decisions quickly and confidently. That’s the power of mobility analytics.

Benefitting the business

A carefully designed mobility analytics program can provide the data you and others in your organization need to support continual improvement. Design your unique program to identify cost-saving opportunities; quantify program performance, value and trends; and uncover opportunities to revise mobility policies and features to better serve your company and your assignees. And don’t forget to use it to document your mobility program’s challenges and progress.