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Graebel Extended Business Travel Services

We'll help you stay in compliance with increasingly complex laws and regulations.

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Making sense of the extended business travel gray area

We know how projects at new locations can evolve. Before you know it, your senior engineer’s two weeks per month at your new production facility turns into two months each quarter. Is that business travel or extended business travel?

The distinction is real, even if the responsibility for tracking and managing extended business travel within an organization isn’t always clear.

If you and your employees don’t closely monitor the frequency and duration of certain intercountry (or even domestic) business travel, you run the risk of falling out of compliance on immigration or tax matters. No organization wants the fines, penalties and public exposure that can follow.

You can count on Graebel® Business Travel Manager to add clarity to this gray area of assignments. We’ll give you a clear view of your extended travel activity so you can manage it more closely and stay in compliance with increasingly complex laws and regulations. We’ll oversee this global mobility function on your behalf or evaluate your own program, recommending improvements in your policies and procedures.

We can manage these Extended Business Travel tasks:

  • Tracking and reporting
  • Travel history analysis
  • Allowance administration
  • Expense management
  • Temporary accommodations
  • Compliance alerts
  • Obtaining visa and work permits
  • Tax preparation

Through our single, end-to-end technology platform Graebel globalCONNECT®, you’ll have the information and insights you need to ensure your extended business travel is correctly accounted for. The globalCONNECT software can be customized to integrate with your travel approval, expense reporting and other internal systems. Its management portal can be customized to deliver reports and analytics that meet your needs.

Not only will we support your valued employee as they take on important extended assignments, we’ll make sure you and they are in compliance with local work-related local laws and regulations the entire time.