Executive Concierge Program

Graebel Provides Executive Concierge Services

Graebel executive concierge consultants care for the big needs of VIP relocations to ensure smooth transitions and exceptional service levels.

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Executive Concierge Service for the VIPs in your organization

Mobility teams plan to take great care with every single employee they relocate to a new location. Each experience must be exceptional, no exceptions. But when a Senior VP is taking on an international assignment and will be joined by her family, alarm bells go off because extra eyes will be on this move.

Chances are, the VIP’s service expectations will be higher, especially in areas like responsiveness and never hearing the word “No.” That’s okay. This is Mobility’s opportunity to showcase their program with a major internal stakeholder.

Our single-point-of-contact communication approach

Our senior consultants have managed global relocations for some of the biggest names in the corporate world. They’re not intimidated by this opportunity. They’ve seen it all. They know what to ask, what not to ask and what to do/not to do without asking.

Communication is the key to success and low stress. The single point of contact approach helps deliver an exceptional VIP relocation. Your designated Executive Concierge consultant will coordinate with your VIP’s designated points-of-contact – that could be you the company Mobility program manager and/or perhaps the VIP, their partner or their executive assistant.

Based on this early communication, they’ll work through a plan that covers every step and every contingency.

For VIPs it’s not the level of caring that is enhanced with this type of relocation, it’s the level of service.

What's important during a VIP relocation and how to make them even more exceptional experiences.

“Whatever’s necessary”

When the planning is done, your consultant will be personally focused on managing and choreographing the work of our premier, global service providers. Our Executive Concierge team members aren’t just great communicators they’re hyper-organized and detail driven.

They’re empowered to say “yes” to every request that will make the transition an exceptional VIP experience – even to the point of being onsite at the origin or destination at key points in the process, or authorizing a service supplier to spend extra time and resources.

That’s the kind of service a VIP expects and that’s what they’ll experience when you work with our Executive Concierge team.