Discover how exceptional moments create exceptional employee experiences

Clear expectations
Easy exits
Soft landings
Continued care
Smooth re-entry
Making personal
expertise and trust
complete solutions
countless details
unexpected challenges
Managing the
cadence of activities
and information
Sharing local
Staying committed
and connected
additional requests
Remaining present
potential needs
Coaching through
the details
Managing the cadence of
activities and information
Facilitating honest feedback
Providing tailored transitions

Discover how exceptional moments create exceptional employee experiences

When you’re relocating your employees, the journey is just as important as the destination. But it’s not just one thing that makes the experience exceptional. It’s ALL the moments that matter along the way.

You can’t leave such an important life event to chance. So take a walk in your employee’s shoes and click through our talent mobility journey. You’ll get a sneak peek at how we help you deliver exceptional moments + exceptional experiences. Every single time.

pre departure

icon Pre-departure

Time to get started! Your employee accepts the assignment

The pre-departure phase is all about kicking off your employee’s assignment journey right. We build a positive rapport, learn about specific needs and preferences, and make everything crystal clear — from policies and procedures to benefits and support.

Explore the top 3 elements that make the pre-departure experience exceptional:

Making personal connections

Whether your employees are first-timers or have gone through a relocation before, we get to know them personally. And tailor the experience to their needs. Some want more independence, while others need more guidance. We support them in the way that suits them best.


Demonstrating expertise and trust

It’s normal for employees to have a ton of questions:

  • How long will this process take?
  • How far will my budget go?
  • Can I bring my pet?

No matter the ask, we provide as much information as we can. We also share relevant stories and examples to boost trust and confidence.


Facilitating complete solutions

Every relocation has unique requirements. But our strong partner relationships help us implement the best solutions. Our strength lies in getting everyone on the same page early so we can work towards a common outcome — and quickly pivot when unexpected issues pop up.

Learn about the Graebel Partner AllianceSM

Put yourself in your employee’s shoes

Experience your Exceptional Consultant Call
pre departure

Accept assignment

Share news with family

Exceptional Moment:

Introductory Consultant Call

pre departure slide 1

What makes your initial consultant call exceptional?

Relationships & Trust

Your consultant’s warm greeting instantly reduces your anxiety.
She sounds excited, welcoming, and friendly.

Her support is just what you need to get through this stressful time. There’s so much to figure out:

  • Navigating the move with your new baby
  • Finding the right school for your teen
  • Locating a wheelchair-accessible home for your spouse
  • Determining if you can bring your dog
  • Tying up projects at the office
  • Finalizing departure details

Plus, a million other you don’t even know about.

As you talk through the relocation process, it’s clear your consultant wants to make this a great experience for you and your family. It seemed like she could read your mind - even though you just met. Sensing you’re feeling overwhelmed, she asks, “How are you and your family doing? Really?”

pre departure slide 2

What makes your initial consultant call exceptional?

Relationships & Trust

As you chat about your family's uncertainty, your consultant is confident and calm.

She gives you example after example of families who’ve been in your exact situation and how they’ve overcome each and every challenge. You feel better after listening to her stories, but still need more answers.

Explore your top 3 concerns:

My teenager worries about making new friends

Your consultant assures you this is a normal reaction and that your teen will come around. icon Since you’ve told her about his interests, she asks a partner in Singapore to investigate a top-tier tennis club. She’s confident this will be a great place for him to meet new friends while getting expert coaching to support his passion.

My family wonders if we can bring our dog to a new country

Your consultant isn’t fazed by this worry. She’s moved pets many times before and recognizes how important your dog is to your family. To help you better understand the process, icon she provides you with information and a contact who can explain Singapore’s animal inspection and quarantine procedures.

My partner feels homesick already

Your consultant explains additional trips home are outside of your policy. But she can see you’re worried and this means a lot to you. Since family happiness is essential to a successful relocation, icon she reviews your miscellaneous expense account and allocates the proper funds to cover one more trip home.

pre departure slide 3

What makes your initial consultant call exceptional?

Relationships & Trust

Your consultant recognizes relocating is a big change that comes with mixed emotions.

But experience has taught her it’s important to get past all the uncertainty to alleviate anxiety. She listens intently to each of your questions and answers as thoroughly as she can, while keeping the mood positive.

Explore your top 3 concerns:

I want to find the best school for my child

Your consultant listens patiently as you describe a top-rated school you‘ve researched for your teen. She wants you to make the best decision so she arranges for an educational specialist to provide expert advice. Together, they confirm the school has an excellent reputation but also icon suggest another institution that aligns more closely with your son’s current school curriculum.They also add that many of your colleagues’ children attend this school and have given it great reviews.

I want to get the logistics right for visa and immigration

Your consultant prepares you for the visa and immigration process. It’s quite complex and a lot to take in. icon Recognizing that you are feeling overwhelmed, she works in tandem with your company’s immigration and visa specialist to help guide you through every step.

I need to find a home that meets my family’s needs

After listening to your unique accommodation requirements, your consultant icon connects you with a home finding destination services agent in Singapore. He’s fantastic at locating homes to suit diverse family member needs. She also reminds you there’s still lots of time and ends the call with a confident, “Don’t worry. We’ll find something that works!”


icon Departure

Time to Move! Your employee’s new adventure begins

The departure phase is all about getting the details right. From leasing or selling the family home to packing and shipping household goods to coordinating travel arrangements. We manage all the moving parts and stay in constant communication. Everyone who needs to know, is in the know — at all times.

Explore the top 3 elements that make the departure experience exceptional:


Communicating clearly

Keeping everyone in the loop is our top priority. We facilitate regular phone check-ins, send summary emails, and rely on our globalCONNECT® platform to track all important details. You can check in at any time and know exactly what’s going on.

Check out the globalCONNECT® platform


Managing countless details

A smooth move requires well-orchestrated logistics. That’s why we rely on our network of employees and partners to provide a seamless experience. Does your employee have a connecting flight? Your consultant reminds you to make sure that you have adequate time to switch planes. Does your employee have a baby? We arrange for a travel bassinet seat. There’s no detail that goes unnoticed.


Troubleshooting unexpected challenges

Expecting the unexpected goes with the territory:

  • A shipped item might go missing
  • Funds might be difficult to access
  • Someone might fall ill while traveling

Our consultants operate with grace under pressure, turning each new challenge into an opportunity.

Put yourself in your employee’s shoes

Experience your Exceptional Travel Logistics Support

Packing and shipping

Lease cancellation

Exceptional Moment:

Travel logistics support

departure slide 1

What makes your travel support exceptional?

Attention to Detail & Problem-Solving

It’s been a whirlwind for weeks, but your consultant has done a great job keeping you up to speed. icon She sends you daily emails (per your request) and icon coordinates every task in your timeline.

In fact, everything she plans happens exactly like it’s supposed to:

  • Visa and immigration papers are processed
  • Household goods are packed and shipped
  • Flight tickets are booked

Now, your travel day is finally here! But, after getting up at 4 a.m., riding to the airport, and trudging through security, you’re exhausted. You can’t wait to relax on the plane.

Unfortunately, any sense of relief is short-lived. Halfway through the flight, your baby comes down with a high-grade fever.

departure slide 2

What makes your travel support exceptional?

Attention to Detail & Problem-Solving

You’re feeling panicked. But when you get through to your consultant, she’s your rock.

She remains calm and assures you she has a plan to address this unexpected challenge. While you work with airline staff to care for your child on the plane, your consultant icon arranges for direct transportation from the airport to the nearest hospital. Once your baby is receiving medical care, your consultant comes to your aid again by connecting you with resources who can show you how to pay your medical bills in the destination country.

After the ordeal is over, you’re relieved. You can’t imagine what would have happened without her help.

departure slide 3

What makes your travel support exceptional?

Attention to Detail & Problem-Solving

Assisting a child who became ill during a flight was a real challenge a Graebel consultant had to solve:

“The best part about it, besides a healthy baby, was recommending some changes to the employer regarding medical insurance for their people. Helping people is the most fulfilling part of what I do, but improving processes is a real win.”
Jasmit Kaur, Senior International
Assignment Consultant, Singapore

icon-destination Destination

Time to transition! Your employee arrives safely

The destination phase is all about setting up your employees for success. From arranging temporary housing to finding the right schools — and everything in between. We help your employees hit the ground running as soon as they arrive at their new location.

Explore the top 3 elements that make the destination experience exceptional:

Managing the cadence of activities and information

Even when your employees get to their destination, there’s still so much to learn and do. We pace the flow of information over time instead of relaying details all at once. That way, we can prioritize early, important tasks and delay those that are less time sensitive.


Sharing local knowledge

Upon arriving in a new location, your employees aren’t familiar with the best way to accomplish simple tasks:

  • Accessing the internet
  • Ordering take out meals
  • Figuring out how to dispose of trash

We act like a human Google — anticipating their needs and providing answers to queries. Our goal is to help your employees feel comfortable in their new environment as quickly as possible.


Staying committed and connected

Completely uprooting your family and moving to a new location isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you don’t know anyone and can’t speak the local language. When unforeseen challenges pop up, we continue to provide support. We remain committed to guiding your employees throughout their entire relocation journey — not just at the beginning.

Put yourself in your employee’s shoes

Experience your Exceptional “Firsts”

Settling in to temporary housing

Area tours and orientation

Exceptional Moment:

Figuring out firsts

Icon Optimistic
Icon Excited
Icon Excited
Keen to explore
Icon Nervous
Under pressure
Icon Uncertain
Destination Slide 1

What makes accomplishing “firsts” in your new location exceptional?

Right-Time Knowledge & Support

You’ve arrived at your destination and a sense of relief washes over you. You’re so thankful for the safe journey. At the same time, your brain is buzzing with thoughts. You know there’s still a long road ahead.

As your consultant explains the short list of priority to-dos in your timeline, she senses your stress level inching higher.

She reminds you you’re not alone and urges you not to get ahead of yourself. iconShe’ll guide you through all the “firsts” in your new location at the right time. All you’ll have to do is relax and focus on what you need to know at that moment.

Destination Slide 2

What makes accomplishing “firsts” in your new location exceptional?

Right-Time Knowledge & Support

Your family is just as anxious as you are to navigate your new destination. And they’re bombarding you with questions you don’t have any answers to. Your consultant assures you that this is normal and will dissipate over the next few weeks. She also gives you her additional contact information, so you can contact her at any time to get the information you need.

Explore your top 3 family’s concerns:

My partner wants to know where to get groceries

Your consultant puts you in touch with your destination services provider who can provide firsthand advice. He iconrecommends three different options for picking up food:

  • The local grocery store - similar to the store you and your partner are used to shopping at
  • A nearby open-air market - great for experiencing more culture-specific cuisine and shopping for other unique items
  • An online grocery delivery service - ideal for reducing stress in the short term as you prioritize other pressing tasks

My teen is worried about attending a new school

Your consultant empathizes with your teen’s fear of starting school in a new place. She had to do this herself as a child. To help calm his nerves, iconshe arranges for a private a tour of the school several days before classes begin, so he can meet a few teachers and students.

My family wants to know where we can go to enjoy the activities we love

As your consultant gets to know your family, she discovers that you’re avid outdoors people. Before you even arrive in Singapore, iconshe works with a local contact to have a guide on standby to take you to some wheelchair accessible trails. She also ensures you have a map of nearby parks and greenspaces in case you want to venture out on your own.

Destination Slide 3

What makes accomplishing “firsts” in your new location exceptional?

Right-Time Knowledge & Support

When you speak with your consultant, you can barely contain your excitement.

The neighbors just dropped off a welcome basket. Your consultant teases, “I told you there was nothing to worry about!” You laugh and segue into the more practical topics on your mind. There’s so much you don’t know. And so many things to do before work starts. As usual, your consultant has already put several plans in place.

Explore your top 3 family priorities:

I need to open a bank account at the local branch

Getting your finances in order is one of the most important tasks upon arrival. To ensure this process goes smoothly, your consultant asks your destination services partner to iconmeet you at the bank in a few days. He will help you open an account, teach you how to access funds, and assist you with completing the necessary paperwork to transfer compensation from your workplace.

I need to navigate the transit system to get to work

Feeling more “at home” in a new destination comes, in part, from knowing how to navigate it with confidence. To reduce any concerns about traveling to and from work, your consultant asks your destination service provider to purchase a transit pass on your behalf. The day before you begin your new job, he’ll ride the local transit with you and iconpoint out local landmarks along the way so you can get to know the city better.

I want to make a good first impression on the new team

You’re a well-respected leader at the office in your home country. And your consultant wants to help you build relationships with your new Singapore team too. To make a good first impression, iconshe connects you with a local contact who can recommend a posh new lunch spot — perfect for hosting a welcome lunch on your first day of work.


icon Settling In

Time to get settled! Your employee finds a home away from home

The settling-in phase is all about helping your employee feel more comfortable in their new location.

From setting up language and cross-cultural training to providing family support, our goal is to make your employees and their families feel at home (in their new home) as soon as possible.

Explore the top 3 elements that make the settling in experience exceptional:

Maintaining momentum

Once employees move into temporary accommodations, it’s easy for them to lose steam. Everything still feels new and it takes twice as much energy to get through each day. To keep the process moving forward, we continue making progress on important items — like searching for a long-term residence. This allows employees and their families to get acclimated within the bounds of their relocation policy.


Navigating additional requests

Once employees settle in to their new home, they’re bound to encounter situations they didn’t think of previously. We continue to offer support by:

  • Learning about their requirements
  • Reviewing requests against their current plan
  • Resolving potential questions or concerns

If the policy benefits don’t meet your employees’ needs, we look at alternatives and, when appropriate, route exception requests for consideration.


Remaining present

Even though we connect employees with local partners to set up language training, real estate services, and accomplish other important tasks, we remain their primary point of contact throughout the entire journey. Regular check-ins bring to light any additional support employees or their families need, plus keep the relocation process moving smoothly.

Put yourself in your employee’s shoes

Experience your Exceptional Home Search
Settling Background

Exceptional Moment:

Moving into your permanent residence

Getting involved in local life

Learning local logistics

Culture shock
Nervous excitement
Settling Slide 1

What makes your search for long-term home exceptional?

Dedication & Perseverance

You’re finally getting to know the area, but feel anxious to move out of your temporary housing and settle into your long-term residence. Many of your belongings are still in boxes and you’d love to unpack your dishes in time to celebrate your partner’s birthday next month.

Finding a home away from home has proven to be a challenge. Not only do different family members want different things, but there are fewer places that will accommodate your partner’s disability.

Just as you’re starting to give up hope, the phone rings. It’s your consultant. iconShe’s been so good to check in regularly to find out how everyone is doing.

Today’s call finally relays the news you had hoped to hear. iconShe’s been working with the best home finding destination services agent in town and he’s finally found the perfect property.

Settling Slide 2

What makes your search for long-term home exceptional?

Dedication & Perseverance

Once you arrive at what could be your new residence, you can hardly believe your eyes.

The home is all on one level and has doors wide enough for your partner’s wheelchair. It also has a park nearby for your dog and an art studio down the street that your partner can access and use. Your children will even have separate rooms! Even more astonishing is that this place is also within your budget. iconYour consultant advocated for a home allowance increase from your employer since your home requirements are outside of the norm.

You’re elated!

Thank goodness you have such a resourceful consultant.

Although she tells you going “above and beyond” is all in day’s work, you know she’s just being modest. You’re lucky to have someone so dedicated to your happiness and well-being.

Settling Slide 3

What makes accomplishing “firsts” in your new location exceptional?

Right-Time Knowledge & Support

Finding accessible accommodations was a real challenge a Graebel consultant had to solve:

“Making sure the transferee and his wife were comfortable was a huge priority for me, and knowing we have partners who can address concerns and handle clients with care from beginning to end makes me proud to work with them.”
Brooke Marshall,
Graebel Executive Relocation Consultant
Denver, Colorado - Americas

icon assignment

Time to get down to business! Your employee is on assignment

The on-assignment phase is all about supporting your employees behind the scenes, so they can focus on succeeding on the job.

Whether they need help with allowance administration, expense management, tax reporting, visa renewal, or any other important tasks, we manage the details and anticipate future needs too.

We want employees and their families to enjoy living life in their new location — instead of getting bogged down with time-consuming tasks.

Explore the top 3 elements that make the assignment in experience exceptional:

Anticipating potential needs

As your employees begin living and working in their new environment, questions and challenges arise. But our years of relocation experience means we can set expectations, provide answers, and navigate any concerns. Our goal is to provide your employees with the information they need, even before they ask.


Coaching through the details

Throughout the relocation journey, there are so many situations and procedures your employees have never experienced. Perhaps something becomes damaged during their move and they need to file a claim. Or, perhaps they change their mind about selling their property back home. As these new events surface, we’re there to coach them through each and every step.


Nurturing relationships

By this point in the process, we’ve gotten to know your employees and their families quite well. They might not need us as often, but it’s important to maintain strong relationships. Through regular check-ins and ongoing support, we make sure employees know we’re there for them, even if they just need a friend.

Put yourself in your employee’s shoes

Experience your Exceptional Consultant Check-in

Exceptional Moment:

Proactive communication

Ongoing cultural adjustments

Building community and becoming a local

Increasing Comfort
Assignment Slide 1

What makes your consultant check-in exceptional?

Anticipating needs at the right time

You’ve been so busy at work that you haven’t had time to think of anything else.

You only have a one year left to fulfill your corporate mandate and the pressure is on to accelerate your knowledge.

As you tap away at your computer, your body jolts. You know you were supposed to do something important. But you can’t remember what it is.

Just as you’re wracking your brain, you see a meeting notification pop up on your screen. It’s time to chat with your consultant. Hopefully, she’ll jog your memory. iconShe’s always so good at knowing exactly what to do, and when.

Assignment Silde 2

What makes your consultant check-in exceptional?

Anticipating needs at the right time

Your consultant appears on your screen and gives you an enthusiastic, ‘Hello!” and “How was the hike last weekend?” You’ve developed such a great rapport. And it’s great to hear her voice.

Before you get down to business, you icondiscuss the family photos you texted her and laugh about your failed attempt to order takeout in the local language.

But before you can ask her about what you might be forgetting, iconshe’s laying out the agenda for the call:

  • Compensation adjustments
  • Expense reporting
  • Check in on family needs

Your consultant provides a thorough status update and assigns you some specific action items.

Thank goodness she’s keeping track of all this stuff. You don’t know what you would do without her.

Assignment Slide 3

What makes your consultant check-in exceptional?

Anticipating needs at the right time

Establishing a strong relationship with a mobile employee was a real outcome experienced by a Graebel consultant:

“They invited me to visit them and they’re coming to see me at my home in Prague. I’m so happy to assist families and develop true friendships when doing it.”
Nicole Hromadkova, Graebel International Operations Supervisor
EMEA Regional Office - Prague

icon Repatriation

Time to say goodbye! Your employee preps for repatriation

The repatriation phase is all about preparing your employees for a smooth return home.

Similar to the pre-departure phase, we can coordinate travel logistics, packing and shipping household goods and final home lease closeout needs. We also gather feedback about your employee’s experience. And help the family reset expectations for the move back home.

Explore the top 3 elements for repatriating the mobile employee:

Managing the cadence of activities and information

Even though your employees know what it’s like to relocate, returning home is a big undertaking. There are so many little details to manage. And a lot of emotions that come with it. To alleviate employee stress, we coordinate all the logistics. We also try to space out tasks appropriately so your employees don’t feel overloaded.


Facilitating honest feedback

Throughout the relocation journey, we provide your employees with the best experience we can. But, when it comes time for reflection, we want them to be honest. By initiating open and transparent dialogue on day one, and continuing it through repatriation, we collect genuine feedback. Learning what we did well and what we can improve on helps us continue to provide top-notch service.


Providing tailored transitions

Every company has its own culture and set of values. And adhering to them is important — particularly when acting as an extension of your team. Throughout the relocation journey, we pay attention to what matters to your company, your employees and their families. That’s what being people-first is all about. This attention to detail and genuine concern for your employees’ welfare makes the transition to and from their home country much easier.

Put yourself in your employee’s shoes

Experience your Repatriation Meeting
Repatriation Background

Packing momentos

Farewells to coworkers and friends

Exceptional Moment:

Reflection Consultant Call

Grateful for experience
Repatriation Slide 1

What makes your repatriation meeting successful?

Open & Transparent Communication

As you duck into your home office to prepare for a late virtual meeting with your consultant, it’s hard to believe this day is here. Two years have passed faster than you ever imagined.

When you first embarked on this journey, there were so many challenges. Your teen was furious about moving. Your baby fell ill on the flight. You had a hard time finding a home that was wheelchair accessible.

Now, things are so different. You and your family finally feel comfortable in Singapore. Yet, it’s time to head back to where you began. You wonder how it will feel to leave a place that now seems like home to return to a place that has always been home.

You can’t wait to talk to your consultant and iconreflect on this journey. And also get her point of view on next steps.

Repatriation Slide 2

What makes your repatriation meeting successful?

Open & Transparent Communication

You grab a milo and curry puff to snack on before logging into the final meeting with your consultant. As you reminisce about this experience, you iconspeak honestly about the pros and cons. Your consultant appreciates the candid feedback.

She also makes time to address your top 3 priorities about moving back home:

My family members need to travel at different times

Your teen has accepted an offer to attend a top university. But, now, he needs to fly to another destination ahead of the rest of the family. When you share this news with your consultant, she offers an enthusiastic, “Congratulations!” Reviewing your policy details, she confirms, “this won’t be a problem.” She’ll iconcoordinate separate flights so all family members can get to where they need to go safely, efficiently and expeditiously.

My family would like to bring back some sentimental items with the rest of our household goods

You’ve fallen in love with Singapore culture and have purchased some small keepsakes to remind you of this wonderful experience. Your consultant has iconalready booked a household goods service provider to coordinate the move. But she makes a note to double-check the extra weight in the container will align with your policy. She also promises to confirm the customs process to ensure you won’t experience any challenges.

My spouse and I need to find a new residence in our home country

You sold your home before leaving Singapore and need to find a new place to live. Your consultant lets you know it will take more time to locate a wheelchair accessible residence for your spouse, so she recommends a trusted real estate agent she knows in your area to icontalk further about your specific needs. You can begin the home search well in advance of your return.