Departure Services

Supporting easy exits and smooth transitions

Graebel Relocation Provides Departure Services To Make Your Departure Smooth and Easy

Your employee will enjoy a positive transition thanks to our detailed work behind the scenes plus our consultant’s close communication with the employee and their family.

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Ensuring efficient departures with no loose ends

The departure stage of an employee relocation is a busy time with a whirlwind of activity. But your employee doesn’t need to be caught up in those details or wondering what they should be doing. Their consultant manages the moving parts and stays in close contact with the mobile employee and their family. No matter what exit-related services you and your employees need, we provide them.

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Home marketing and sale services

Our selected assessors, stagers and realtors are the best in their respective fields. No matter the approach – from Buyer Value Option (BVO) to Guaranteed Buyout (GBO) to Direct Reimbursement (DR) – together, we take care of the entire home sale process, in coordination with your employee and their family.

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Property management

Your employee may choose to rent out their previous home during their new assignment. In those cases, we engage a reliable management company that expertly markets the property, screens potential tenants, addresses any necessary maintenance and proactively monitors the condition of the property.

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Lease cancellation

When necessary, we arrange for the services of a leasing expert to negotiate and manage an early lease termination. This professional will be well-versed in local and state regulations and experienced in interpreting pertinent provisions in the lease agreement.

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Packing and shipping household goods

Your Graebel consultant will identify and utilize the moving, packing and specialty packing companies ideally suited for each job. They also arrange for a pre-move consultation so your employee or their partner can share special instructions and specific concerns.

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Visa and immigration services

We work with top international immigration service providers to ensure that your assignees and their family members are in compliance, and remain in compliance, with host country laws regarding visas and other documentation. They can even scan their passports and visas into the secure database of the Graebel globalCONNECT® integrated relocation management system to help expedite the replacement of these documents if they’re lost or stolen.

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Allowance administration

You’ve agreed to cover certain move-related costs, but you’re not eager to review receipts and manage reimbursement payments. We take care of those details while ensuring the reimbursements are fully compliant with your policies. Our secure, online system enables us to quickly confirm legitimate transactions and efficiently put the appropriate reimbursement in the hands of the employee.

Leave it all to us

Efficient, professional home sale support

You don’t want your newly assigned mobile employee and their family to be overwhelmed by the home sale process. They’ll work with a professional team that will employ an ideal pricing and marketing strategy for their property.

Peace of mind for maintaining the home

Representatives of the property management company will remain in close contact with the employee and their family so they can feel confident their home is in good hands for as long as they’re away.

Compliant lease terminations

Assignments can’t be put on hold until lease periods expire. Your employee can be confident that their lease has been terminated legally and on the best possible terms.

Handling with care

Your mobile employees expect their household goods to arrive in the same condition they were shipped. On moving day, the packing and moving team members will use the right materials and techniques to keep cherished household goods safe in transit – whether the move is cross-country, cross-border or across the world.