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We eliminate obstacles that get in the way of fair, accurate and cost-effective compensation management.

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Global compensation management shouldn’t feel like a never-ending quest

Your mandate is simple. Provide fair, accurate and compliant compensation to your mobile employees. Without incurring unnecessary costs.

But achieving this is more difficult than it sounds:

  • You have minimal insight and control over the people in charge of completing compensation management tasks
  • There’s a myriad of ever-changing local, national and international laws that require specialized knowledge
  • Your HR, payroll and tax personnel are missing the context required to make the right decisions
  • You often pay more than you should for external tax professionals to complete compensation tasks

Without a dedicated global compensation management team, you can’t:

  • Ensure compensation-related tasks meet regulations
  • Pay mobile employees fairly and accurately for the duration of their assignment
  • Supply tax professionals with the information they need in the way they need it

Handling international compensation management through some combination of HR, payroll and tax resources isn’t feasible long term. You need to increase visibility, consistency and control. Or you can’t focus on your job.

That’s where we come in. Our global compensation management experts eliminate operational friction. So you can manage your program with confidence.

Delivered through a global mobility lens

Your in-house finance and payroll teams are great at what they do. And we can’t argue with your tax provider’s expertise.

But international compensation is complex. And it requires a full understanding of global regulations. Without this knowledge, it’s impossible to see how assignment-related changes impact compensation. Or why it’s important to make timely balance sheet updates. And this puts your company at increased risk for non-compliance.

Our global mobility expertise and hands-on international compensation management experience close these knowledge gaps. We stay on top of changing laws and regulations that impact your mobile employees. And we navigate changes to keep global compensation accurate and consistent at both the individual and program levels.

You get a mobility-first perspective for achieving global compliance that minimizes risk. And reduce the administrative burden on your HR and payroll teams.

Combined for optimal program success

International compensation and tax laws aren’t something to take lightly. And it’s tempting to overspend to get this right.

While tax providers are essential for final document reviews and sign-off.  You don’t need to pay top dollar to have them complete basic tactical work. You also don’t need your in-house payroll and HR teams to take their focus away from the 98% of employees who aren’t relocating. That just decreases their productivity.

We’re already fully immersed in assignee data for your global mobility program. So taking on international compensation management just makes sense.

Our global mobility software integrates seamlessly with your payroll system to provide a comprehensive view of global compensation activities. There’s no need to aggregate data from multiple sources to create various reports. We give internal and external teams the required information to execute consistently and correctly. And we don’t compromise data integrity. Or your mobile employee’s experience.

You get streamlined global compensation management without the high price tag. And eliminate data challenges that could have negative repercussions for your mobile employees and your business.

Frustration-free mobile employee experiences

Your assignees are already navigating work in a new location. They don’t need additional stress.

Manually transferring funds to your payroll team each month just causes frustration. And going back and forth with a tax provider to complete a compensation accumulation report distracts from valuable work time. In fact, any time assignees have to deal with multiple individuals, this creates unnecessary friction that leads to a negative relocation experience.

We act as a single point of contact. So it’s easy for assignees to complete compensation-related tasks. And because we’re immersed in the details of every move, we can anticipate and adjust when changes impact compensation (like extending the duration of an assignment).

You get agile global compensation management support that reduces handoffs. And ensure your mobile employees are paid accurately and fairly. Plus, you improve their experience to increase assignment success.

Global compensation management that’s accurate, compliant and cost-efficient

With Graebel, you get the people, processes and technologies to keep assignees fairly compensated. And continually meet global compliance demands.

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