Global Mobility Compliance

Managing the details around the world to keep you in compliance

Graebel Relocation Services provides Global Mobility Compliance to Companies Worldwide

We can help you replace compliance angst with the peace of mind that you’re doing things by the book.

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Govern responsibly in every corner of the globe

Global Mobility programs are confronted by a world-wide hodgepodge of laws, regulations and other requirements. You want to be a good corporate citizen and you want your assignees to strictly comply with local mobility-related requirements as well. It’s all too easy, though, for you or them to inadvertently get on the wrong side of a mobility-related legal matter. It’s our job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Extended business travel

An employee’s ongoing business activity outside their country can easily slip into a system of ad hoc travel approvals and extensions that could put the employee in violation of local immigration and visa laws. Graebel® Business Travel Manager is our technology solution for managing these situations to help keep you in compliance – not only with pertinent laws and regulations, but with your own policies as well. You can even customize the program to integrate it with your travel approval, expense reporting and other internal systems.


We offer a full suite of compliant compensation management services to support your team, your assignees, and even your tax services provider. It’s a one-stop approach to assignee compensation management that avoids data handoffs that can lead to misunderstandings, incorrect assumptions and the inevitable “do-overs.”

Visa and immigration

We work with top international immigration service providers to ensure that your assignees and their family members are always in compliance with host country laws regarding visas and other documentation.

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Avoiding visa and immigration pitfalls

The world may be getting smaller but borders still matter. It’s no secret that nations and regions often seek to limit immigration and the influx of foreign workers. The hurdles and regulations they establish can be significant … and often confusing. You need a mobility partner with localized expertise who can stay on top of all the requirements so your assignees can continue to be productive where you’ve placed them.

Compensation through a mobility lens

When it comes to managing compensation for your global assignees, compliance and accuracy are your top priorities from both a financial and a fiduciary perspective. We’re in an ideal position to manage these financial services because we’re already involved day to day with your policies and the status of your assignees.