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Graebel Relocation Program Types helps you create the ideal mix of global mobility program components to place employees where they need to be and take care of them every step of the way.

No matter the situation, we'll help you create the ideal mix of global mobility program components to place employees where they need to be and take care of them every step of the way.

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Relocate your talent for critical assignments

Each and every employee relocation is a complex undertaking. The stakes are high with these types of life-changing transitions. So are assignee expectations and stress levels. But your organization is counting on you to make sure each one happens efficiently and professionally with no exceptions and very little margin for error.

You need to be confident that in every case the relocation package appropriately addresses factors like the assignment’s location, duration and timetable as well as the assignee’s personal circumstances. Yet, the overall program can’t become ad hoc, with case-by-case policies inconsistently applied. After all, an organization’s global mobility program can very quickly and easily morph into an expensive cluster of exception- and precedent-driven policies.

We’ll work with you to develop a strategy that includes relocation programs that address the variety of assignments your organization would like to initiate. And if your program has become needlessly complex, we’ll collaborate with you to rein it in, re-craft your policies to create cost certainty and make the program easier to administer.

We’ve successfully supported hundreds of global mobility teams – designing, overseeing and managing their talent mobility programs. Along the way, we offer solutions that address the competing priorities you and other global mobility program leaders deal with every day:

  • Delivering exceptional, responsive support for your assignees
  • Helping you offer strategic value to the stakeholders across your organization
  • Achieving efficiencies and cost control

It’s a delicate balance but it can be done when you offer the right types of programs and the appropriate levels of benefits.

Not all relocation situations are the same. For example:

  • Is this a brief assignment or a permanent placement?
  • Are you relocating one person or forming a new team with employees from several locations?
  • Is this an individual move or a family move?
  • Is the relocation intra-country or international?
  • Are you relocating a senior VP or a middle manager?

We design and manage talent mobility programs that address these and a variety of other situations, including many you may not have encountered yet. In each case, the programs are constructed and managed to deliver exceptional levels of service that are appreciated by your assignees and valued by the internal stakeholders who are counting on you.