Workforce Mobility

In today’s economy, relocating key employees to take on critical assignments is the norm, not the exception.

You need to put the right people in the right locations—around the country and around the world—as smoothly and quickly as possible. It’s not a question of if but how.

Graebel’s worldwide relocation service is the “how.” We’ll partner with you to design, oversee and manage your comprehensive mobility programme, built around best practices, our sixty years of experience and our worldwide network of team members and service partners. We’ll deliver all the elements you and your staff need—the details you’ve thought of and those you haven’t.

We understand the dual priorities of your mobility programme. Full service support for your staff so they can focus on their mission. Comprehensive policies and procedures so that programme management is efficient and consistent.

  • Emerging, Medium & Large Organisations
  • Fortune 500 - Global 100
  • As an organisation grows, mobility activity tends to become ad hoc and relocation policies are applied inconsistently. Graebel puts your mobility programme in order by helping you establish clear policies and systems and then managing the activity to create efficiencies and savings.

  • The largest companies in the world require consistently reliable, high volume global relocation services. Graebel’s processes, people and technology allow us to scale our relocation support to take care of hundreds of employees at a time in countries around the world.


We’ll work with teams and individuals at all levels of your company to design a customised mobility programme reflecting industry trends, best practices and your corporate culture and mission, all backed by customised technology.

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Departure Services

Relocation journeys begin with many steps. Our consultants and partners will help your staff to look forwards—coaching them on processes and procedures and taking care of the many details related to their transition to a location and a new home.

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Destination Services

Although new employees are in unfamiliar surroundings, Graebel’s destination support when they arrive provides a touch of home. In addition to housing-related services, we’ll help them get comfortable with important day-to-day priorities like schools, banking and transport.

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Settling-In Services

Settling in at a new location is a process, and our job is to make this acclimatisation period for staff and their families as positive as possible. Our settling-in services include education and orientation activity that begins even before your employees and their families leave home.

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Lump Sum Management

Administering a lump sum moving reimbursement programme requires clear communication, close oversight and timely response. Graebel has years of experience designing and managing many variations of these programmes.

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Ongoing Assignment Management

Providing long term support for your relocated employees is critical for their productivity and retention. We’re there for them for the duration, just a phone call away, while we continue to represent their interests on critical matters such as visa status and tax liability.

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Extended Business Traveller

Somewhere between typical business travel and long-term relocation is the often poorly-administered practice of extended business travel. Graebel offers tools and expertise to manage this activity so you can control costs and operate within immigration and tax guidelines.

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Relocation and mobility programmes involve lots of moving parts—from people to policy to process management. The customisable Graebel globalCONNECT℠ online portal gives you and your staff a single source for policy information and a platform for tracking and reporting on activity.

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Move Management

A major part of relocation is the transport of household goods—after all, we’re relocating a home, not just people. We’ve built a global network of service partners to take care of every aspect of this important mission.

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