What’s a Mobility Industry? – My Summer as a Graebel Intern

By: Gladys Ng, Intern

Gladys Ng - Singapore office internWith the continued rise of a global economy, it’s natural that more people seek out overseas opportunities. To handle the increasing migration of skilled workers, the niche, yet formidable mobility industry is part of the solution. I learned this during my summer internship with Graebel Companies in Singapore.

Prior to my internship at Graebel, I had very little idea of what relocation companies did. I knew they moved people, but that was simplistic thinking. It’s a far more complex soup of financial, legal, monetary, and cultural needs and wants, going far beyond the scope of loading boxes.

At Graebel, challenges cropped up daily. Simultaneously, I was presented with opportunities to develop new skills and hone existing ones. There was a market research project, which involved using sales databases to segment out different prospects into different industries, bearing in mind their different needs, wants, and cultures. I learned that Google doesn’t have all the answers. It’s true. The current market is far more complex than a simple search. With guidance, a large dose of curiosity and outside research, I was able to assist in identifying and justifying our target audiences – a big win as an intern.

Apart from the above project, I helped organize Graebel’s largest annual event in Singapore, the insideMOBILITY – APAC Workforce Mobility Strategy Summit. The logistics of event planning – sending out cards, following up with invitees, and registering individuals – is no small feat, and certainly not something I would have learned from a textbook or classroom activity.

Projects combined with mentorship really propelled my time here. I was granted chairside sessions with managers from across the organization. This is truly what I looked forward to each day. From each department, I learned something invaluable:

  • From HR, the importance of boosting employee morale and being a member of the social committee that puts on a fun activity once per month
  • From Business Development, exercising empathy with clients, which creates a more humbling, productive relationship
  • From Operations, how a conscientious work ethic leads to care for the customer and greater efficiency for the company

This internship fed my curiosity, strengthened my communication and management skills, and gave me greater confidence in job prospects. Thanks for the educational experience and here’s to the world ahead!