Environmental & Social Responsibility

At Graebel our values align directly with our commitment to sustainability and how we engage people all over the world.

Our corporate values – Truth, Love and Integrity – have direct correspondence with our shared community goals:

  • Create an environment of respect, honor and care for those who interact with us.
  • Operate in a safe and a compliant manner.
  • Leave it better than you found it.

We also believe that human rights and a sustainable society allow us to expand our possibilities for those who believe in the prosperity and promise of the future. See what we’re doing to advance our company as a force for good.


  • All of our full-time employees have the ability to apply for our tuition reimbursement programs.
  • Each year, our employees are granted 24 paid volunteer hours to participate in giving back to our various communities around the globe.
  • Our corporate HQ in Denver participates in the American Heart Association’s heart walk. In 2017, we raised over $11,000 to help the research and prevention of heart disease and strokes.


  • We have donated money to plant over 15,000 trees to date in the Deschutes National Forest, where a major forest fire in 2012 destroyed 26,000 acres.
  • Over the past nine fiscal years, we’ve dropped our electricity consumption by 35%.
  • We present an annual award to a partner who demonstrates a unique commitment to sustainability. In 2016, Paxton Companies won the award for reducing facility heat usage by 45% and engaging in other high-impact environmental activities.


Graebel employees believe in our strong workplace and our great customer service. To prove this, we voluntarily benchmark against 300+ mid-sized organization across 20+ industries. See some of the results below.

Employee Engagement Survey Results

Say Graebel is a place of strong culture and values (Benchmark-61%)
Say Graebel is a great work environment (Benchmark-53%)
Say Graebel is a place with great customer service (Benchmark-64%)

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