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Driving Excellence in Talent Mobility

Driving Excellence in Talent Mobility

Chris Binding

The Annual APAC Workforce Mobility Strategy Summit was held on 22 September in Singapore and drew 64 Mobility leaders representing 49 companies.

At this one-day insideMOBILITY℠ Summit, a diverse group of industry insiders discussed timely issues related to:

Programme Evaluation – participants shared assessments of their own Mobility programmes and identified many of their ongoing challenges.

Programme Enhancement – best practice approaches were identified for extending the value of Mobility programmes throughout an organisation.

Evaluating Trending Strategies – emerging strategies on how to best manage employee localisation and lump sum benefits were debated.

We’ve captured the key findings from the Summit in this full report: Driving Excellence in Talent Mobility. In it you’ll find insights like:

  • Pros and cons of Lump Sum
  • Characteristics of next-generation Mobility programmes
  • Factors driving the growing interest in Localisation arrangements
  • Attributes of ideal Mobility leaders


Click here for the full report on Driving Excellence in Talent Mobility

Chris Binding