Employee workspaces relocated in 32 countries in just 36 hours

Employee workspaces relocated in 32 countries in just 36 hours

Karla Fleege

Network of vetted providers means rapid response and global reach.


The Client

JLL, a worldwide commercial property services company, representing an international manufacturing company


The Challenge

After acquiring a major business unit from a competitor, this manufacturer needed to immediately relocate 270 employees to its offices.

Reliably transporting office and desk materials from one location to another is not necessarily a “heavy lift.” However, in this case:

  • The 270 employees were located in 37 facilities in 32 countries on six continents
  • The moves had to be completed simultaneously within a 36-hour window


Project Summary

The Graebel Commercial Services team engaged 30 local moving companies from Graebel’s vetted, global supplier network and closely monitored their activities from beginning to end. The office moves had to be completed within a 36-hour time frame, in all locations.


The Solution

We maintain a global network of commercial relocation service providers – including moving and storage companies. Each one works with us under contract after they pass our vetting process that ensures they’ll serve our clients in accordance with our standards.

As soon as our Commercial Services team received the RFP for this assignment, we identified a group of 30 moving and storage companies in those locations and confirmed each one’s availability.

When we received the go-ahead from JLL, our providers were prepared to act. We re-confirmed the assignment and the client’s exacting timeframe with each provider.

Over a 36-hour period, they:

  • delivered packing materials to each employee
  • picked up the sealed boxes
  • delivered the items to the new location

Graebel Commercial Services representative closely monitored this activity, staying in contact with each provider until she could confirm the work was completed in each location.

“The scope and scheduling of our project changed on almost a daily basis, and Graebel was calm, competent, and nimble in adapting to the changes.” – Associate Manager, Projects, JLL


The Results

We completed the moves as scheduled so there was no employee downtime.


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Karla Fleege