E*Trade Restack of 400 Employees

E*Trade Restack of 400 Employees

Karla Fleege

Graebel Commercial Services® completed the E*TRADE restack in two days and under budget – Meticulous planning meant the 400 employees didn’t miss a beat


The Client

E*TRADE Financial Corporation – Menlo Park, CA

  • Financial services company and pioneer in the online brokerage industry
  • 30 offices across the U.S
  • 3,400 employees


The Challenge

To better align workgroups, E*TRADE needed to relocate 400 employees within its research and development centre. The timeframe was extremely short and detailed planning was critical to avoid any interruptions to daily operations.


Project Summary

Realign a 400-person workgroup, along with their office assets and computer equipment, across three floors of currently-occupied space within two buildings. Design, communicate and oversee a plan that would be carried out over one weekend.


The Solution

The Graebel Planning Services® team had worked with E*TRADE on numerous projects and was familiar with the company’s processes.

After multiple meetings with E*TRADE’s IT and operational staff, we developed a comprehensive project plan and an extensive move matrix to ensure that all relocation activity would occur within the short timeframe allotted. Accurate, detailed documentation was critical to the project’s success.

Graebel engaged a trusted service partner to assist with physically relocating office contents and other equipment-related activity.


The Results

The restack took place without any snags, completed on schedule over one weekend. All 400 employees’ computers were reconnected by Sunday, allowing time for E*TRADE personnel to perform technical system post-checks. On Monday morning, the entire work-group was fully operational, without exception.

“Graebel did an outstanding job relocating our employees over one weekend. The project plan was clear and the restack activity went smoothly. As a result, the project was completed ahead of schedule with no disruption to normal business activity.”
– Facilities manager

A post-project review revealed that thanks to the detailed planning and streamlined processes, the company’s costs for the project came in 20% less than its original estimate. Most important, E*TRADE did not experience any business interruptions.


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Karla Fleege