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Every Touch-Point Impacts the Experience

Every Touch-Point Impacts the Experience

Chris Binding

By: Nora Burns


Imagine you have planned a high-end vacation with your best friend.  You have booked one of the best suites at an exclusive resort, made reservations at the finest restaurants, and scheduled spa time with their top tier team. The two of you have been looking forward to this for weeks, months, possibly years, and have invested a lot of time, and energy in selecting the perfect options for you. You are looking forward to the sun on your face, and five-star service from beginning to end…and rightly so, as that is what you are investing in. A last-minute downgrade of your reservation, an inland view when you were promised ocean-front, a dismissive front-desk clerk – any of these things may dampen the experience. You may question your choices. These negative touch-points definitely impact the stories that you’ll share when you return, and whether or not you will ever refer the location and services to others.

The employee experience is no different – especially for employees who have decided to uproot their lives and move across the country, or across the globe as an investment in their career. They have big dreams, big expectations, and have invested a lot of time, and energy in this decision.  Every single touch-point our organisation has with an employee (or potential employee) impacts the story they tell about the organisation, their future vision of their employment, their dedication to their position, their referral of other potential top talent, and so much more.

We send meta-messages to employees with every single touch-point. These meta-messages either reinforce the decision made to accept the job, uproot their lives to relocate for the opportunity, or make them question these choices …and possibly return the call of a recruiter at another firm.

It is imperative to align our talent mobility objectives, actions, and messaging with the whole of the organisation’s talent management system. Misaligning these systems results in unflattering stories that cost us employee engagement, productivity, and exceptional referrals. Let’s talk more about meta-messages and bridging the gap between mobility and talent at the insideMOBILITY Global Mobility Summit – Denver.


More about Nora Burns:

Nora Burns

Since stepping into the world of human resources more than two decades ago, Nora Burns has interviewed and on-boarded thousands of candidates and new hires for positions ranging from file clerk to executive vice president. Along the way, she decided to study and evaluate the hiring process from a different perspective, by participating in job interviews across the country. She did this not in her usual role of interviewer or hiring consultant, but as a candidate for administrative, supervisory and managerial roles. Nora will share her story as the keynote speaker at the upcoming insideMOBILITY Global Mobility Summit.

Chris Binding