Our Customers’ Success is the Best Measure of our Success

Liz Thompson

By: Bill Nemer, President of Relocation Services, Graebel Companies, Inc.

Mobility programme leaders recently had the opportunity to rate their relocation management company (RMC) service providers – and indirectly their own Mobility programmes. We were pleased to see our customers gave Graebel the highest average score for “Overall Satisfaction” received by any of the RMCs in our peer group – companies with $50 million or more in annual revenue.

Some may see these results as an affirmation of Graebel’s service levels, but what we take away from the data is that our customers have exceptional mobility programmes.

In the Trippel Survey & Research 2019 Relocation Managers’ Survey© regarding U.S. domestic mobility service, Graebel’s customers not only were the most satisfied with their Mobility programmes, they gave us the highest marks received by any of the large RMCs for:

  • Culture fit
  • Technology
  • Quality
  • Integrity (including “keeping commitments”)
  • Service recovery responsiveness

When I shared the results with Bill Graebel, he quickly zeroed in on the Integrity score and how it mirrored the long-time Graebel mantra of: Commitments Made. Commitments Kept.(R)

I wasn’t all that surprised to read these results. Our customers have always come first as we develop technology tools and quality standards. We empower our teams to do whatever’s necessary to keep an employee transfer on track if a service issue arises. That’s probably why Graebel’s customers were the most likely to recommend their RMC to others and were the survey respondents most likely to continue working with their RMC.

Believe me, the feeling is mutual! We look forward to continually upping our game and finding new and better ways to provide the highest levels of support for our customers’ outstanding Mobility programmes!

So, yes, of course we love to see these industry-leading ratings. I’m very proud of our team – from our technology group to our service reps to our finance team and so many others. But the congratulations really go to our customers who clearly were very pleased with their Mobility programmes. We’re just glad to do our part!

Liz Thompson