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Our Duty of Care for You Through Coronavirus and Every Day

Our Duty of Care for You Through Coronavirus and Every Day

Chris Binding

By Bill Graebel, Chairman and CEO

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has issued the Mobility community a significant challenge. You are tasked with navigating risks, numerous stakeholder interests and the general well-being of your employees. We are here to help every step of the way.

Through our Duty of Care – which has been the foundation of our company for 70 years – we are working hard to ensure our Graebel employees remain healthy, safe and available for you.

  • We are ready to deploy emergency management protocols at all our global offices. Local response teams and communications plans are in place. We already have an established work from home programme and if needed, we can extend this to every employee in our company, regardless of location. In the past few weeks, we have successfully extended the programme to our teams in Shanghai and Singapore. Rest assured, in the event we do this for any location, you can expect the same level of rigour around data privacy and security.
  • We are continuously monitoring information from the World Health Organization (WHO), federal and global agencies, and local health authorities to plan and properly respond in each location.
  • Similar to many of your companies, we are taking preventative measures to stay safe and healthy while in the workplace. These best practices range from making sanitation products readily available to restricting travel to essential business only.
  • And we’re connected daily with our network of supplier partners to put in motion well-thought-out strategies to limit exposure, lower risk, and minimize any disruptions in service.

Our Commitment to You
We’ll remain in touch with you as this situation evolves from location to location and organisation to organisation. It’s already how we work every day. While these times may be uncertain, our commitment and approach won’t change: We always aim to provide personalised guidance on your business plans and mobility needs no matter where your people work and live.

To help you determine and implement a Mobility Strategy during times of uncertainty, we are hosting a complimentary webinar on Friday, 20 March about how you can utilise this resource and other insights to navigate the situation. Click here to register.

In total, we recognise the critical role we are entrusted with to keep your talent mobile, engaged, positive and productive, even in challenging times.  We’re prepared and here for you, and we care.

Please let me or your account manager know if you have any specific concerns with regards to our preparations and ability to serve you and your colleagues in the weeks and months ahead.

Thank you for your continued diligence. Our thoughts are with you, your families and co-workers to remain safe and healthy.

Chris Binding