May 2 - Austin, TX

insideMOBILITY® Austin

Tune in. Explore. Embrace the Unexpected.

Join us for the next installment of our insideMOBILITY series in the vibrant city of Austin, TX from 2-3 May 2022.

We’re hitting the streets of Austin with our insideMOBILITY program in an immersive learning experience like you’ve never done before! Enjoy world-class, peer-to-peer education, take part in our DEI Masterclass, dig in to opportunities ahead, and take away industry-tested solutions to your toughest mobility challenges in our workshops.

Dress for comfort, bring your ideas and questions, and let us build a VIP experience just for you.

Peer-Learning Topics

Taking Your Employee Experience to the Next Level

  • Build employee experiences amid the “Great Resignation” and the “Great Retention”
  • Provide equitable and inclusive experiences
  • Discover strategies for retention through Mobility

Empowering A Proactive Program for the Future of Work

  • Innovate around opportunities ahead in Future of Work
  • Learn how to effectively build strategic partnerships with stakeholders to get buy-in
  • Work through the challenges and opportunities of a remote workforce

Empowering Mobility in a Digital World with Analytics, Data, and Tech

  • Collect, capture and build a story using the right data
  • Lockdown implications of data security and compliance
  • Build a business case for change with data science

DEI Masterclass

Businesses around the world are making diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) an important part of their corporate agenda. Many are introducing DEI mandates into procurement processes and creating dedicated DEI functions and company-wide goals and targets. This masterclass will meet you wherever you are in your journey and provide foundational understanding to the components of diversity, equity and inclusion, vernacular to have meaningful conversations, and learn how these fundamentals can help you dig deeper and apply DEI to meet your mobility program needs.

Solution Workshops

Choose one of our workshops to complement your experience in Austin.

You’ll identify a challenge specific to your organization, work through solutions, and create an actionable plan to share with your team, following the event.

Providing a positive employee experience is key to a smooth relocation, which adds to an employee’s ability to focus more fully on their work and company goals. Talent acquisition and retention is also supported through internal and external perception of your Global Mobility brand. In this workshop, you’ll put yourself in a mobile employee’s shoes and walk through each stage of a relocation – from pre-departure to repatriation – identifying opportunities along the way to take the experience from good to exceptional.

You’ve identified a mobility challenge. Now, create an action plan to make your proposal a reality. Which internal stakeholders will you need to support your proposal? What will each business line need to agree to an additional investment of time or resources? How can you tie expected outcomes to existing company goals? Work with industry experts and peers from some of the most recognized brands in the world to identify the elements that build a convincing mobility business case.

The most convincing business cases are supported by data. In this workshop, you’ll learn multiple techniques to source, slice and dice data to present a compelling story. Then, you’ll identify a business need and work with  industry experts and peers to identify the metrics to use when building an action-based story. Not sure your organization’s data collection is robust enough? We’ll work with you to identify opportunities for expansion – and help you to build a case around the benefits of that data; in short, how mindful analysis of data leads to better business decisions that increase efficiency, manage costs, and maximize your return on Mobility.

Studies show that diverse companies are more productive, more innovative, and more profitable, but many companies don’t realize that diversity alone isn’t what drives those results. To achieve a truly engaged and empowered workforce, organizations also need to consider what it means to be equitable and inclusive. In this workshop, assess where your organization is on its DEI journey and learn how to identify, implement and measure meaningful activities and initiatives that can activate, enhance and advance DEI through your Global Mobility program.

Additional Details

This event is exclusively for in-house global mobility leaders.

Join us as we reconnect global mobility leaders for peer-to-peer insights, trending topics, and explore the new era ahead for global talent mobility. Leave inspired, ready to address challenges and able to strategize for your evolving business needs.